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GIDUE back to Russia

Nuova GIDUE S.r.l., a manufacturer of printing and converting machines for the labels and packaging industry, announces the constitution of GIDUE Russia, a dedicated branch for the sales and service of its equipments for the Russian territory. GIDUE Russia is a joint venture between Nuova GIDUE and VMG, a leading supplier of graphic equipments and consumables in the Russian and former USSR countries. VMG will take direct responsibility of sales and service, while GIDUE will provide continuous up-to-date training and close technical support on standard and special projects.

"Both VMG and us felt the need of a closer cooperation than a "standard" supplier-distributor relation. The Russian technical "culture" makes converters look for a deeper information flow. And the enormous distances make an extended sales and service organization, and a deep training to local engineers, a must to meet the demands of Russian converters. A local GIDUE partnership grants converters a better service and a long lasting presence. VMG has a solid organization, a history of true success, and an intimate relation with converters." says Mr. Federico d’Annunzio, MD of Nuova GIDUE.
Mr. Dmitry Remizov, the General Director of VMG, confirms: "VMG has a commitment to long term projects. We have established in 20 years a position of leadership in the newspapers industry, and we want to establish, also with the support of GIDUE, our presence in the label and packaging industry. We are not looking for a short term success, so we reproduce the same model which has made Russia become the biggest market abroad for our Indian partner - Manugraph India, Ltd. A long term partnership with common and shared interests grants a "special eye" to the Russian territory, and the possibility to adapt products and technologies to the Russian needs."
VMG was founded in 1989 and holding a position of leadership in the sales and service of printing machines for the newspaper industry, with 4 Sales and service offices spread over the Russian and former USSR territories. In 2008 VMG started its projects for the labels and packaging industry by introducing wide Range of consumables. In 2010 GIDUE Russia joint venture was established.

GIDUE Russia sales for the labels and packaging market will be headed by Mr. Daniel Prokhorov, a former GIDUE sales manager who confirms: " Russian converters know GIDUE technology very well in many successful installations; converters are very satisfied of GIDUE machines. We are looking forward to introducing to Russian converters the new revolutionary GIDUE press lines, Master and Short Combat."

Mr. Remizov concludes: " Former GIDUE distributors, and GIDUE, made I believe a very good work, as converters are very satisfied. Plus the recent innovations confirm that GIDUE technology stand out again in our industry. We would like to add our experience in adding value to converters, by supporting a deep, direct and open relation between converters, our company and the press manufacturer. We are going to invest in what it is needed to make it happen." Mr. Remizov announces that a dedicated GIDUE Russia web site will be launched in 2010 to provide in-depth information to the Russian converters.

Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. Is a manufacturer of narrow-mid web printing and converting machines for the labels and packaging industry. With over 400 press installation worldwide the GIDUE technology is recognized by converters as a master reference for innovation and productivity. Flexography and Offset are the main printing processes, completed by a wide range of printing and converting technologies. A specific know-how on a vast range of substrates allows GIDUE to provide flexible solutions for most labels and packaging demands.