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Great success for the Cerutti Open House!

The keywords that link Cerutti past and the future of the packaging industry are innovation and investment in research and development.
In this sense the Italian based Group’s Open House, held in the Vercelli R&D Centre between the 26th of October and the 4th of November, was the best occasion to present to the end-user market brand-new solutions to the most sensitive issues faced by the customers, such as the reduced printing runs and the increase of the raw materials costs.
The program opened with a printing demonstration on the R980 press (the consolidated “off-the-shelf” solution, successor to the successful R960 Series) with the new Cerutti Automatic Pre-setting System (CAPS).
Cerutti CAPS, developed in a close cooperation with the Eltromat team, is a new approach that drastically reduces waste at start-ups with both repeat and new jobs. One of its interesting features, that distinguishes this system from the ones developed by their competitors, is the possibility of using existing printing cylinders with standard register marks suitable for Eltromat Regi_star 20 register controls; the printer thus has a relevant saving of re-engraving costs: the software reads directly the standard printed marks, without the necessity of having additional photocells to register special marks.
The CAPS advantages are strengthened by the use of Cerutti’s high efficiency HC hoods, that give the result of a substantially shorter web path length between two consecutive printing nips along with a longer drying web path length, thus allowing the achievement of higher performances in speed and reduced solvent retention.
This new solution is suitable to print both standard films and polyethylene without mechanical modifications.
The presentation continued with the printing unit model ES990 (very quick job-changeover solution for the short run market, combining narrow web width with high production speed) and the R970/2 press (hi-tech and fully automatic, featuring on-board wash-up system).
In the afternoon, the brand-new ES1060 unit was presented for the first time: this solution - already sold to the Italian leading textile Group Miroglio to print transfer paper - is designed for customers mainly operating in the high-end and specialty markets, requiring top performances and very high printing speed (up to 600 m/min); it features increased flexibility at job change-over with innovative solutions for what concerns the trolley carrying of the inking system and the printing cylinder, that is displaced in the cross direction of the press axis and gives the printer the possibility of replacing independently on each printing unit only one or both of them.
Cerutti staff also demonstrated a new driven inking roller solution: this innovative inking concept – developed for the Asian customers that particularly report this need but very interesting also for the European printers - eliminates ink starvation while improving printing cylinder wettability.
In addition, the guests visited the assembly department, where it was possible to see numerous presses with very interesting layouts, such as the 9 units special line manufactured for the Spanish company Huecofina - which features in line lamination and cold seal - or the R960 press to print holograms on pre-laminated board for the tobacco industry that will be installed in China. Mr Michael Cooper, Cerutti Group COO, explained the visitors the new manufacturing philosophy that he’s currently implementing, inspired to the principles of lean production: this plant organization, already in operation in part of the lines, will lead to a reduction of waste of the non-value added activities and an overall decrease of delivery lead times.
200 people were welcomed during the five days of the event: 70 companies coming from all over the world attended the printing demonstrations; a great success for Cerutti, in a boom year in terms of packaging presses negotiations (40 sold, and 12 of them to be despatched by the end of the year!), and an important chance to strengthen the link with the market.
These numbers are the best demonstration of success for our strategy of continuous development, and they are even more significant in the difficult phase the world economy is facing. They prove to us that the market always gives credit for product innovation and technology,stated President and CEO Dr. Giancarlo Cerutti at the end of the Open House.