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The beverage industry is rewarding operating strategies of companies with solutions for making containers more lightweight. But that is not all; their strategic vision must include business models that provide significant cost reductions in all phases of the production process.

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Over the last two years, SIPA has created bottles, production and hot-fill systems for cylindrical containers of various shapes which have a petaloid base, are panel-free, and can be labeled with a regular, wrap-around label.
Filling occurs at 85° – 87° degrees centigrade. A dose of liquid nitrogen immediately prior to capping results in 1.5 bars of internal pressure.
After the beverage cools and its volume contracts, the internal pressure remains at 0.2 - 0.3 bars, ensuring rigid packaging and ease of labeling.

This type of bottle reduces costs significantly:
- the container is more lightweight due to the elimination of the side panels which are no longer necessary because a vacuum is no longer being created.
- the wrap label costs approx 30% less than the typical shrink labels required in traditional hot-fill bottling.
This application was created by SIPA to meet the requirements of a particular customer that needed to considerably reduce the cost of their primary packaging (bottle-cap-label); at the same time they needed to use hot-fill technology to ensure their products were of the highest quality without resorting to preservatives (fruit juices, isotonics, teas).