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Italian adhesive label specialist Nuceria Adesivi installs twelfth PRATI JUPITER labels inspection machine

Nuceria Adesivi Group, one of Italy’s leading packaging companies, has boosted its label quality control after installing the PRATI JUPITER TC280 inspection and finishing machine. This latest installation means the Group now uses 12 PRATI inspection and finishing systems at its three production sites.
Nuceria Adesivi employs 150 staff and specializes in self-adhesive labels, wateradhesive
labels, and folding cartons and boxes.

Quality control on a wide range of materials
The JUPITER TC280 ensures a top-quality finished product. It can handle a wide
range of materials at high speed, including self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, cardboard, laminates, multi-page labels and other sensitive materials.
Outstanding label quality is guaranteed by the VARYCONTROL program, which
offers total control for managing three different types of rewinding tension:
constant on the axis for self-adhesive labels, constant on the web for flexible
materials, and mixed for special jobs.
"The quality control afforded by PRATI inspection machines is very impressive,"
says Guido Iannone, Plant Manager at Nuceria Adesivi’s San Giuliano Milanese
site. "They’re also extremely easy to use and very reliable – which is essential for
an operation as busy as ours. Plus the low maintenance costs mean we’ll see a
faster return on our investment. Another important aspect for us is that the
different models of PRATI inspection machines have very similar user interfaces.
This means it’s no problem to move operators to different machines when

A trusted partner for a growing company
Nuceria Adesivi Group has grown at a rate of 20% per year over the past two
years. It expects to close 2010 with a turnover of around 28million Euro, 40% of
which coming from foreign markets. Iannone adds: "The industry is getting back
on its feet after the downturn in 2008. We were able to weather the financial
storm because we offset the decline in domestic orders by attracting lots of
international customers. We’ve established a very strong platform for growth and
are now focusing on further diversifying our product portfolio and entering new
A company growing at the rate of Nuceria Adesivi needs dependable suppliers like
PRATI: "For us, strong support from our suppliers is vital. Prati continually
delivers innovative solutions that are cost effective, and enable us to increase
productivity and achieve outstanding quality.”
Targeting international markets
Nuceria Adesivi Group plans to boost revenue by forging new commercial
relationships with foreign companies. Iannone says: "With profit margins
decreasing, it’s imperative to respond to increase volume.. Partnering with likeminded
businesses is an excellent way to cost-effectively drive revenue."
Nuceria Adesivi Group counts among its customer base some of the best-known
brands in the homecare and healthcare sectors. But that hasn’t stopped this
progressive company exploring new markets: “We plan to strengthen our
presence in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, in Italy and
abroad. We believe PRATI has an integral role to play in our continuing
diversification and future growth."