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Luna and Lara's new sleeves fit for a prince

Luna and Lara Pure Spring Water has been given a design fit for royalty, thanks to shrink sleeves manufacturer Chadwicks.
Innovator in shrink sleeve technology, Chadwicks, has created three fun, eye-catching designs using the brand’s twin characters ‘Prince Tabby’ and ‘Princess Tara’ to appeal to children.

luna lara
The sleeves are printed eight-colour UV Flexo on 50 micron film, providing a vibrant quality look for this exciting new range.
Produced by Eauvolution Ltd, the water is available in three flavours – Strawberry, Apple and Pure Natural Spring Water. The company is hoping to encourage children to drink more water by using eye-catching cartoons that illustrate the health benefits that it can bring.
The sleeves also feature the Luna and Lara ‘Guide to Drinking Water’ on the reverse, which is accompanied by rhymes and colourful images, creating a healthy product that appeals directly to children.
Richard Cutworth, business development manager at Chadwicks Sleeves, said: “Our customer’s mission to encourage children to drink more water is admirable and creating the sleeves for this product has been very rewarding.
“Not only has Eauvolution made water in flavours that appeal to children, the concept for their packaging grabs their attention too and Chadwicks was excited to be a part of this great new product. The low cost origination for UV Flexo sleeves makes them a viable option for new products like these. We always provide the best quality shrink sleeves for our customers, as well as unrivalled value and fantastic customer service.”
Fiona McSharry of Eauvolution Ltd, said: “Chadwicks has been an asset to our brand from the very beginning, providing the highest quality product and great customer service. Chadwicks was recommended to us as a reliable packaging supplier and it has not disappointed – we’re looking forward to working with Chadwicks again.”