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Pacman-CCL invests in third MPS press

Quality with a guaranteed high level of productivity were the fundaments for this next investment in the 3rd MPS-machine.

Looking to logistics in the Middle-East distances are long and not always convenient for shipments. So labels have to react rapidly and reliable to requirements of packaging procurement managers whether they work for big and famous or small and less known brands. The highly experienced Pacman-CCL knows how to deal with that and how to act on behalf of consumers' health and safety. Creative support and top-quality printing must be guaranteed by Pacman-CCL during 24/7 production. Due to high quality and tight food-packaging legislation, not a single print-dot might be missing, neither by coincidence nor by instable process. In pharmacy label printing it is even tighter. Pacman-CCL underlines it's response to these high packaging demands by ultra-serious continuous studies for its label manufacturing equipment. This led to special research among the new MPS press-brand for Pacman-CCL. Pacman-CCL's staff discovered MPS' distinguishing design for narrow web UV-flexo presses. All possible accurate printing stability and repeatability was built in! MPS' durable offset-matching UV-flexo print quality convinced Pacman-CCL that this was the best possible price-performance balance they could find.

First experience

In 2006 Pacman-CCL installed its first MPS UV-flexo press in its Cairo premises. This was followed by a successful commissioning and training by MPS' experts. MPS' unique servo drive for the printing units and all free running polyurethane covered impression cylinders did where they were meant for: pure Crisp.Dot printing with the least possible dot gain. Start-up times and substrate-wastes are minimal; a very important aspect for any today's label printer. Not only for cost and material saving, but also to serve a sustainable environment.

Following installations

Due to the reliable performance of MPS's first installation and satisfactorily cooperation with press manufacturer MPS, subsequently a similar MPS-installation followed. And recently a third UV-flexo press from MPS was commissioned in Cairo. MPS' directors Eric Hoendervangers and Bert van den Brink proudly call this third press in Pacman-CCL's Cairo plant ‘an evidence how much the effectivity of our presses pays off to label converters'.

Pacman-CCL's portfolio

Looking to Pacman-CCL's expertise in packaging products it is a very complete offer: selfadhesive labels, shrink sleeves, wrap around labels, cut & stack labels, inmould labels, booklet labels, promotional labels, tags & tickets. All multicolour in best thinkable quality. Obviously Pacman-CCL is very proud to show the famous world-brands they have in their portfolio: like Coca Cola, Fanta, Head & Shoulders, Heinz, Pepsi Cola, 7-Up, Sprite Whiskas and numerous local brands. Many of these are durable printed on MPS' presslines in Pacman-CCL's Cairo plant.