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Quentin Press Boosts Green credentials with KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter and KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Plates

Quentin Press, part of the Gemini Group, has replaced its previous CTP Solution with a KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter and KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates. The KODAK Technology has enhanced Quentin Press’ environmental credentials and helped the company increase productivity. 

Quentin Press recently merged with its sister company, Ghyllprint, a magazine printer. The amalgamated organization now offers an impressive range of services for publishers of magazines, journals, directories and catalogues. Quentin Press also provides stationery and corporate collateral, company brochures and newsletters.

Pursuing eco-friendly production

Quentin Press’ investment in the MAGNUS 800 Platesetter and THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates was spurred by the company’s commitment to improve the environmental footprint.

Paul Dupret, Managing Director at Quentin Press, says: “The KODAK Systems will help us realize our objective to become a chemistry-free company. The innovative solutions will also help us expand our operations and enter new markets.”

Quentin Press is a strong advocate of standardization. The company has ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 accreditations, and has FSC and PEFC certification.

Plotting future expansion

Quentin Press’ merger with Ghyllprint will create a more efficient company with greater capacity:  “We’ve amalgamated every part of production,” explains Paul Dupret. “We expect to really start reaping the benefits after 12 months.”

Quentin Press advises its customers on inks and substrates, as well as proofing through print to finishing and delivery. The company has two B1 and two B2 five-colour sheet-fed presses, and is well equipped to grow its magazine business. Quentin Press also plans to expand into a variety of other sectors, including the charity and catalogue markets.

KODAK Technology enables top-quality proofing

Quentin Press has been using KODAK Proofing Software for many years and is now sharing its expertise with the staff who joined from Ghyllprint: “We believe catalogue production is a growth market, and sophisticated proofing technology is crucial when printing for this sector,” says Dupret.

“Catalogue designers use a lot of uncoated stocks. We’ve been working on perfecting the print quality on uncoated stocks so that we can produce a top-quality product. Without profiling, print can look flat and not represent the desired design and color. Proofing to certain standards can significantly improve skin tones, the shadows on clothing and the detail on small pieces of jewelry, for example.

“We also advise our customers on how to prepare their digital files in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Software so that they have the correct balance of light and contrast. Once the file is correct, we can manage the color balance, measure the dot gain and assess how the press will run. We’re now specializing in this technique, and have found that with uncoated stocks and the correct amount of ink, a perfect job can be achieved.”

Kodak_Quentin_PaulDupret Paul Dupret, Managing Director at Quentin Press stands with their new KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter

Improving overall performance

Dupret believes the KODAK Technology will have a big impact at Quentin Press: “The performance of Kodak’s Non Process Plate and the Proofing Software means we can now produce outstanding print quality. We’ve also spent a lot of time planning and managing our environmental policies, and we’ve established a comprehensive prepress strategy that is set to further enhance quality.”

Kodak central to Quentin Press’ future

Quentin Press’ merger with Ghyllprint has given the company a strong platform for growth. With an experienced team, a sound knowledge and understanding of the industry, and the capacity to deliver excellent print quality, Quentin Press is rightly optimistic about its future.

Dupret concludes: “We’ve maintained a strong relationship with Kodak for many years. The company is always at the forefront of new print technologies. By partnering with Kodak, we’re in the best position to implement the latest innovations and meet our clients’ needs


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