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World Label Association Award to Define Styling!

Skanem Scandinavia’s Sales Director, Eirik Bergh proudly handed over the World Award to Lilleborg’s team in Oslo November 2010. The Define Styling label won in competition with first class labels throughout the world, and it was printed by Skanem Scandinavia, in Hobro. A great achievement to all involved!

The prize was won in the category Line/Screen and in the judges highlighted how the use of brushed metal look on the label, combined with use of colour, placement of the label on product and repeating elements, makes the label particularly impactful creating strong shelf appeal for the brand.skanem
An innovative, professional and modern brand.
Merete Nes, manager for Lilleborg’s packaging team said: ‘This is a great achievement and it is also very inspiring for us to win this prize. She further says: ‘We take it as a big compliment that a Norwegian developed label goes to the top in an International competition.’ Hege Seljelid, Packaging Developer in Lilleborg explained the focus of the label development period: ’We wished to keep a profile that could represent Define Styling as an innovative, professional and modern brand. The challenge was amongst other things to combine all the different packaging concepts with a consistent profile for the whole range.’
About the World Label Association Award
The World Label Awards Association is a global competition in which currently 6 continents are participating: USA (TLMI), Japan (JFLP), Europe (FINAT), Australia (LATMA), New Zealand (SALMA) and India (LMAI). In order for companies to compete and to win an award, their entry has to win a prize in their own local label awards competition first, e.g. TLMI , FINAT, LATMA, JFLP, SALMA or LMAI.