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Xennia announces today the launch of its XenInx Onyx metallic ink for use in a wide range of digital decoration applications. Just-in-time customized digital graphics and package production allows reduced inventories and fast response to market demands – now these benefits are available to users requiring metallic printing.

XenInx Onyx metallic silver ink is designed for a range of applications including packaging, graphics, labeling and product decoration. XenInx Onyx can be used in combination with XenInx Diamond or XenInx Alexandrite CMYK inks to produce a coloured metallic appearance. The ink works with a wide range of piezo printheads, and is recommended for use with Xennia printing systems and XenJet inkjet modules using Xennia’s proprietary recirculating inkjet technology.

“XenInx Onyx offers excellent print quality on a variety of porous and non-porous substrates, with reflectivity to rival that of metallic inks printed by screen, gravure or other traditional printing methods,” explains Dr Alan Hudd, Managing Director of Xennia. “The ink also offers reliable and consistent print performance with good adhesion and durability. XenInx Onyx metallic inkjet ink allows users requiring metallic decorative effects to reap the benefits of digital printing.”

Economic short and customized runs
Dr Hudd comments: "Brand owners need to print shorter packaging runs every year, and demand a solution able to do this economically, while providing all of the capabilities of their traditional printing technology. XenInx Onyx metallic ink is part of a range of products offered by Xennia allowing cost effective, low risk digital solutions to be introduced into the packaging industry. Package printers can keep producing attractive and creative packaging while addressing the need for customized, personalized printing for their customers."
“XenInx Onyx has been developed based on advanced dispersion technology and formulated with carefully selected metallic pigments to ensure high reflectivity of the printed ink. Onyx prints reliably at high speed, has excellent dwell performance and requires minimal need for printhead maintenance,” adds Dr Hudd.

Xennia will be demonstrating its inkjet capabilities for packaging applications at Pack Expo, in Chicago on 31st October to 3rd November 2010. Xennia will be located in the Lower Lakeside Center, booth #8511 and will be showcasing its XenJet inkjet modules and XenInx high performance inks, designed to make inkjet implementation faster and easier for packaging OEMs.