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Barrier Bottle Maintains Clinical Efficacy

A bespoke bottle incorporating oxygen barriers and UV inhibitors, manufactured by RPC Corby, is providing clinical nutrition specialists Vegenat with a packaging solution that protects its latest formula for long-term efficacy.

Based in Spain, Vegenat specialises in dietetic food and clinical nutrition. Included in its R+D innovation strategy, Vegenat launched TDiet Plus brand, an international patented range of tube feeds containing an innovative mix of macronutrients, vitamins and supplements.


As the formulae can be affected by exposure to oxygen and UV light, Vegenat needed a bottle that would provide effective protection against these elements, while being suitable for sterilisation during filling. The product is commonly used in hospitals and other healthcare environments, so it was also vital that the packaging could offer shatterproof and lightweight qualities for optimum safety and convenience.

With a reputation for health, Vegenat needed a packaging supplier that could meet the company’s quality standards as well as producing a bottle with the required functionality. RPC Corby has relevant BRC and ISO quality accreditations, as well as the capability to manufacture a bespoke bottle design to suit TDiet Plus range, together with the most recent product launch, Supressi, which is prescribed for the dietary management of malnutrition related to neurodegenerative diseases.

RPC Corby’s solution is blow moulded using a seven-layer construction, comprising PP for durability, EVOH for barrier protection against oxygen ingress, and special UV filters to avoid degradation of the formulation’s critical ingredients. The clear 500 ml bottle also features a wide rim for ease of use by patients and healthcare professionals.

"TDiet Plus brand together with Supressi range are innovative and highly effective formulae, and we needed packaging that would maintain this excellence throughout the life of the product,” comments Vegenat Marketing Department. "RPC’s expertise has been integral to our ability to launch the range in such a functional format.”