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Breviale 2010: A Positive Show and a Good Economic Perspective for KHS

This year, too, we as KHS consider our participation in Brau Beviale to have been a great success.  Our booth was primarily visited by customers from Germany and other European countries.  This coincides with statements made by N├╝rnbergMesse on the general attendance at the exhibition.  In their closing report on the show, the organizers recorded that 30% of visitors were from outside Germany, particularly Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and other countries in Central Eastern and Eastern Europe.

Rolf Keller, member of the N├╝rnbergMesse management board, had the following to say about the mood in the exhibition halls.  "The recent economic recovery not only helped create a good atmosphere during the three days of the trade show but also obviously fired many decision-makers' desire to invest in new equipment."  Speaking for KHS, we can confirm that we also noticed an improved trend in investment.  During the show we even concluded several sales contracts to the tune of around 30 million euros.  We are also expecting a number of follow-up sales based on talks we had at the exhibition.

The reactions of our customers to the KHS exhibits on display were extremely positive.  The new Innocheck EBI empty bottle inspection system in particular attracted a lot of attention.  Innocheck EBI is an empty bottle inspection system that provides much more than just reliable detection of damaged, dirty, and visibly flawed bottles or those containing residual liquids or foreign substances.  KHS' empty bottle inspector has at its fingertips a huge variety of data that is beyond compare and that can be retrieved whenever needed.  The new Innocheck EBI is also distinguished by its simple and hygienic design, compact design, flexibility and future viability, and high availability.  All of these positive characteristics proved so compelling that during the exhibition no less than four Innocheck EBIs were ordered.  No greater compliment could possibly be given to this new concept. KHS also underlined its status as a technological leader by demonstrating new avenues in the field of filtration and presenting its newly established glass platform.

KHS' fine performance at Brau Beviale is one of the reasons we anticipate a further and extremely positive influx of orders for this year. Already we can safely say that KHS will clearly exceed its expectations for 2010.  And we look forward to 2011 with great optimism.  We particularly expect plenty of orders from markets yet to develop, including those in South America and Asia.