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CirclePrinters selects DiMS! as their enterprise MIS solution

They found in DiMS! the solution to improve operations, achieve group synergy and have good ground for the next consolidation move.

CirclePrinters, leading independent printing group headquartered in Amsterdam with operations and sales offices across Europe, has selected DiMS! as their enterprise-wide ERP/MIS solution. An extensive benchmark study among the global MIS vendors across the world showed that DiMS! was the clear winner on all their main criteria; partnership, technical and feature wise. Michel Guichard, CFO of CirclePrinters: “I am convinced that with DiMS! we will improve our operations’ productivity, achieve a group synergy and have good ground for the next consolidation move.”

DIMS_CirclePrinters_MichelGuichard Mr. Michel Guichard – CFO, CirclePrinters

CirclePrinters looked at several potential MIS solutions, of which three in more detail. The shortlist contained three global players, but rather early in the selection process, they found that the other two were clearly not an option for them. “DiMS! was basically stronger on all criteria. It matches closest with our needs, has by far the most features and a good economic basis. In terms of a long-term relationship it was clearly the best option for our organization”, says Guichard. On the question what he found most appealing about the system, Guichard answers: “Conceptually I like the fact that the system has more than 25 years of experience and continuous improvements within the graphic arts industry and that its entire IT structure is very well developed. This, together with the fact that many key players on the worldwide print market use it, convinced us that this was the right choice.”

Enterprise approach

From the start, CirclePrinters clearly opted for an  end-to-end, enterprise-wide IT approach. “All our locations have the same needs regarding improved insight into their operations and by implementing one system, we meet their local needs while simultaneously replacing various independent software and have a clear company-wide overview. With DiMS!, we will be able to have a real group approach for the first time and obtain the synergies we're aiming for.”, says Guichard.

Growth through consolidation

CirclePrinters’ strategy revolves around the need to consolidate the printing industry both at a country and European levels and they want to take a leading role in this. The company believes that DiMS! is the perfect tool to support them in this growth process. “I am convinced that the DiMS! tool will successfully facilitate our consolidation route. It allows us to integrate each acquisition seamlessly into our culture and also delivers immediate insight into the company’s figures, so a fast synergy is quickly established”, concludes Guichard.

DIMS_CirclePrinters_ProjectTeam Joint MIS implementation team with representatives of the Circle locations and DiMS! organizing print.

About CirclePrinters

CirclePrinters is a leading European independent printing group headquartered in Amsterdam with operations in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Spain and Sweden and sales offices and representatives across the continent: from Lisbon to Moscow. The company provides a complete and integrated range of high value-added printing solutions and offers the highest level of flexibility to its customers. Its broad range of printing and printing related services include:

· Pre Press: pre-press media, data warehousing, content management, color separation, workflow systems, page layout, editorial web solutions and design creation.

· Print Products: magazines, inserts, catalogues, supplements and books, both in Offset and Rotogravure technologies.

· Post Print & Finishing: binding, bundling, transportation services, warehousing, and logistics and distribution services.

CirclePrinters market position is mainly high end magazines which represent over 50% of the global portfolio; the rest is composed by flyers, catalogues and books. Their organization is a decentralized one, with a great deal of decision making power at a country level in line with customers needs and cost optimization objectives. The Amsterdam headquarters supervise Group coherence, Group strategy and Continental synergies.

CirclePrinters strategy revolves around the need to consolidate the printing industry both at a country and European levels. They aim at leading this consolidation process and have already taken steps in this direction as shown with a recent acquisition of a Web Offset printer in Spain: Avenida Gráfica.

About DiMS! organizing print

DiMS! organizing print develops, sells, and implements DiMS!, the world’s leading MIS/ERP solution for the printing and packaging industry. DiMS! contains all of the functionality necessary to fully integrate the complete range of business processes in a single software package. From sales and estimating to planning and scheduling, from prepress to print and bind, supply chain to transportation, and automated invoicing to real-time management information, DiMS! supports it all.

Founded in 1986, DiMS! organizing print supplies many of the world’s leading print and packaging companies and label converters with integrated Management Information Systems. More than 10,000 employees experience, on a daily basis, the ease of use DiMS! provides. Companies such as Roto Smeets Group (the Netherlands), Brown Printing Company (USA), Burda Druck (Germany), PMP Limited (Australia), Mayr-Melnhof (Austria) and Paarl Media Group (South Africa) currently benefit from the DiMS! integrated system. For more information about DiMS! organizing print, please visit