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Kodak Drives Discussion between Creative and Marketing Professionals at CaT Conference in London

As Creativity editor Teressa Iezzi explained while introducing the Creativity and Technology (CaT) Conference: “The business of creativity has never been more promising—and more important. A key driver of all this change and opportunity is technology.” Nearly 200 attendees gathered in London this month to share ideas and examples of the way that technology is impacting the creative process.

Digital media, including print, web, mobile, social and gaming, have created new ways to communicate directly with an audience. As a result, consumers are more apt to ignore or delete irrelevant messages. To overcome this, designers and marketers are leveraging available data to connect on a personal level and foster a stronger bond with their customers.

Thomas Wimmer, Business Development Manager, Inkjet Printing Solutions at Kodak, spoke at the conference about how technology is making print a truly digital medium, providing new and unusual ways to engage with customers in a targeted manner. Other presenters echoed Wimmer’s thoughts on how “Change Inspires Innovation,” showing examples of interactive train tickets and demographically targeted information on restaurant receipts.

Email and online media have been used successfully for years to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. New technologies make it possible to create highly personalized, 1:1 direct mail—at the low cost of traditional printing—to engage consumers as never before. Adding an interactive component, such as a PURL or QR code, to direct mail pieces can generate even stronger results.

“The changes taking place in marketing and communication—which represent the type of fundamental changes facing many industries—present exciting opportunities for agencies and brand owners to find new, innovative ways to engage consumers,” said Wimmer. “Marketers want the most cost-effective campaign and don’t care which media are used to deliver it. We helped attendees see how marketers can create meaningful and relevant communications and develop the right media mix that helps generate greater return on marketing investment.”

Advertising Age’s CaT Conference ( is designed for creatives from full-service and interactive agencies, agency and production company producers, digital artists and developers, designers, directors, marketers, media strategists, and others creating and executing brand ideas. The event featured a full day of inspiring presentations from some of the leading creative and technology professionals, as well as a hands-on workshop and a networking reception.

Wimmer’s presentation was part of a new integrated program to advertisers and marketers that promotes how the KODAK PROSPER Press Platform and other digital printing innovations from Kodak can contribute to the change that marketers want. A website featuring original content for marketers,, serves as the cornerstone of the campaign. Other components include print and online advertising, social media, videos and events.


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