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New Professional Pharmaceutical Label Adhesives from Avery Dennison

Two new dedicated proprietary adhesives for pharmaceutical labelling have been introduced by Avery Dennison to partner its paper and film facestocks. Fasson® S2000NP and Fasson S692NP together represent a new generation of technology in the critical areas where pharmaceutical manufacturers need the reassurance of high mandrel performance, low migration, long-term adhesion, and regulatory compliance.

Fasson S2000NP is particularly versatile. Its high mandrel performance makes it suitable for the tight-diameter curves of glass, PE, and PP ampoules, vials, and test tubes, and is also suitable for sterilisation by autoclaving, ETO, and gamma radiation. Fasson S2000NP partners Fasson LW supercalendered, double-machine-coated lightweight paper -- the established choice of facestock for labels where small print legibility is a prerequisite.

Jan ΄t Hart, Global Business Director, Pharmaceutical Segment, for Avery Dennison Roll Materials explains that ‘We have developed these two new adhesives to meet today’s high standards in pharmaceutical packaging, and with long-term sustainability of the formulations in mind. Together, they can meet a broad range of applications in the pharmaceuticals industry for ethical and OTC medicines and a variety of container substrates.’


Pharmaceutical use approved

Fasson S692NP is a clear, permanent acrylic-based adhesive offering a particularly low migration risk, excellent UV resistance, and good adhesion to apolar substrates. It complies with European food directives, FDA 175.105, and the German BfR recommendations XIV for direct contact with dry and moist, non-fatty foodstuffs. Fasson S692NP can partner Fasson LW paper facestock, or a choice of Fasson film facestocks – Fasson PE85 Top and Fasson PP Top White and Clear.

Meeting the manufacturers’ needs

‘These two new adhesives’, says ΄t Hart, ‘are formulated with the specific needs of today’s global pharmaceutical manufacturers in mind, and our global pharmaceutical team has taken those needs seriously. Since the 1980s, we have been working with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers to enable them to benefit from the cleanliness, versatility, and ease of self-adhesive labels, within the context of their highlyregulated environment. We provide change notification for both component and process changes in our pharmaceuticals product portfolio; and our change management process involves holding “safety” stocks of approved materials in case pharmaceutical manufacturers require to requalify labelstock where anything has been changed.’

Information on the global pharmaceutical labelstocks portfolio from Avery Dennison, and technical data and samples of Fasson S2000NP and Fasson S692NP are available from Avery Dennison Roll Materials sales representatives, or visit the website at


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