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New SL 90 rotary modular labeler from Sidel

The latest Sidel machine for self-adhesive and cold-glue labels meets customers’ needs for flexibility, high-performances and easy maintenance.

The new SL 90 rotary modular labeler is equipped with modules for applying pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels or cold-glue labels on all kinds of packaging. But it also has much more than the typical advantages of a modular machine: the maintenance levels are dramatically low thanks to the total elimination of mechanical gears and transmissions.

A solution featuring high technology
There is a growing market demand for a single labeler capable of various applications, often even combining them to label the same container. This is the case, for example, with beer bottles which have paper neck labels and selfadhesive body labels. The SL 90, which will soon also be available with the other modules (e.g. a roll-fed module), is an innovative solution developed by Sidel to offer the greatest labeling flexibility on all kinds of packaging, both round and irregularly shaped, with fast changeover times and great freedom in layout design.

What makes the SL 90 such a unique machine on the market is its core: the carousel and the parts involved in transferring the containers (starwheels and screw feed) which have no gears and no contact. The highly innovative aspect lies in the fact that the drive requires almost no maintenance and normal wear due to contact between drive gears is completely eliminated. This is possible thanks to linear motor drive technology and direct motor drives.
All of this also has very positive repercussions for machine access and cleaning.
The procedures are fast and simple and the Sidel pneumatically-assisted guards can open independently. Moreover, the SL 90’s hygienic design makes it particularly suitable for labeling sensitive products, such as beer.
There are also important advantages in terms of output. The SL 90 is ideal for high-speed and very high-speed production and can label up to 60,000 bph (both self-adhesive and cold-glue labels).
High performances are also guaranteed by the high degree of automation both at central level and in the peripheral modules. Thus, for example, the application of the label to the container can be adjusted electronically, while a vision system with several cameras orientates bottles, thus guaranteeing the correct positioning of the labels.
Sustainability is another keyword when talking about the SL 90. Its performance has been optimized thanks to the use of the above mentioned direct motor drives which minimize energy consumption. The highly ergonomic design and easy access drastically reduce cleaning and maintenance times.

The labeling modules
Both labeling modules have been built by following exactly the same design criteria as those for the central part of the machine: i.e. high speeds even when handling complex labels, easy-to-use, ergonomic design, very good accessibility and low maintenance. The Sidel module structure allows the module to adjust easily to the slope of the floor, thanks to special tilting and fixed feet and a support plate for the tilting labeling units, which move independently.

Benefits of the self-adhesive labeling station…
• very light self-adhesive labels can be handled
• two labeling units can be fitted on the same module, thus guaranteeing no machine downtime when the label reel runs out
• labeling unit reel changeover is greatly simplified thanks to rapid clip-in/out shaft system
• air tensioning of label film; this reduces mechanical stress on the labels and consequently minimizes the risk of damage or breaking.

… and of the cold glue labeling station
• ergonomic design and compact footprint
• simple format changeover and low maintenance
• stainless steel structure with anticorrosion treatment