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The Online Packaging Dictionary looks for relevant company information

The Online Packaging Dictionary looks for relevant company information

The Online Packaging Dictionary ( contains all types of definitions in relation to packaging, plastics, printing and packaging materials in general, regarding pharmaceutical, medical, beverage and food, as well as non-food applications, proto-typing, structural design and everything relevant in casu environment and sustainability.

The Online Packaging Dictionary now invites companies to add relevant company information. However it must be clear to everyone who consults a dictionary or encyclopaedia, that it’s not a company directory or a yellow pages. The same with this online version. It is not a company directory, neither a supplier’s guidebook, nor a simple address or telephone book. In essence it is an illustrated packaging encyclopaedia.

As such it is worthwhile to see the (packaging related) companies mentioned, as well as their brand names and technical description of the products they manufacturer. All alphabetized not categorized like in a yellow pages.

That’s why the editors of the Online Packaging Dictionary invite original equipment and material manufacturers (OEM and OMM) and service suppliers (OSS) related to the packaging industry to add their company and product information. The dictionary will not handle sales agents and representatives. Design studios with proven relation to packaging are accepted.

The entry can contain a description of the company and its activity (max 250 words) with a link to its website, further more there can be added product or brand names with technical description (each max 150 words with link and photo). The company, brand and product names will be stored alphabetically.

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