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Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) Met at Schreiner Group

Successful Expert Round: Schreiner PrinTronics Presented Printed Electronics to Touch at OE-A Working Meeting.

The 22nd meeting of the OE-A took place at Schreiner Group in Oberschleissheim on November 16 and 17. The international industry association discussed current developments in the market of printed electronics at the two-day event that was focused on the integration of organic and printed electronics in products. In addition, Schreiner PrinTronics showcased production-ready applications in the areas of printed conductor paths, capacitive sensors and electroluminescence in three exhibition rooms.


The Organic Electronics Association aims to forge links between research, manufacturers and end users in the field of printed electronics. “The OE-A is an outstanding platform to continue driving this technology forward,” said Roland Schreiner, President Sales & Operations at Schreiner Group. Therefore, the working groups focused on the current state of printed electronics. The Demonstrator Group discussed the next generation of prototypes, while the Encapsulation team addressed guidelines for measurement and standardization of sealing possibilities. The “Green” group explored methods for the development of sustainable products, illustrated by the example of organic light emitting diodes and solar cells.

After welcoming remarks by the OE-A’s board member Thomas Kolbusch and Roland Schreiner’s introductory presentation of Schreiner Group the company invited the delegates to tour the plant. Fitting the special topic of the event, “Integration into End Products,” the sportlight was on product solutions to touch. Applications with electroluminescent films, capacitive sensors and printed conductor paths demonstrated the possibilities which printed electronics offer today. “The conference inspired many interesting discussions and identified starting points for further collaborative relationships and projects,” said Roland Schreiner as he summed up the event, and added that the exchange with the other members of the association was very valuable to Schreiner. “It was a great pleasure for us to host this meeting.” The positive feedback received by the delegates confirmed the success of the event.

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