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Yupo Introduces YUPO UV Inkjet Grade – FPU 250 -- a real “Smooth Rider” for UV Inkjets

Yupo Corporation America introduces YUPO UV Inkjet Grade – FPU 250, the synthetic paper leader’s newest solution for large format projects and more.

YUPO UV Inkjet Grade – FPU 250 features every attribute you’d expect from YUPO Synthetic Papers – milky smoothness, bright-white color, yet 100 percent waterproof, chemical- and tear-resistant. YUPO UV Inkjet FPU 250 goes the extra mile by providing phenomenal UV resistance for outdoor posters, point-of-purchase displays, or almost any outdoor application.

But outside use is only half of the story. When used for indoor banners and signage, the new Yupo is versatile enough to meet most indoor applications that demand excellent ink adhesion, such as back-lighting. YUPO UV Inkjet Grade –FPU 250 is capable of rendering amazing colors, yet retains its higher opacity and whiteness at any thickness.

A new paper grade for UV Inkjet applications – YUPO UV Inkjet Grade – FPU 250 – is
one “Smooth Rider” that’s coming soon to a printer near you.


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About Yupo
2010 begins the 41st year since Yupo Corporation was established. We are proud of our history and of the fact that we are known as the premier synthetic paper in the world. From the beginning, we recognized the responsibilities that would come with being the est. For this reason, the design of our corporate logo was of extreme importance, as we knew it would be a powerful reminder of who and what we are.
The Yupo logo is designed to represent the sun, which is vibrant “Yupo Orange,” and the universe. Furthermore, it is drawn by hand to reflect our human endeavor to live harmoniously with our planet Earth.
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