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Hot-Foil stamping for Omet X-Flex: the hot-foil stamping unit with sliding rail

omet hot foil stamping

OMET has designed an innovative HOTFOIL unit that slides on rails to increase the production potential of its X-Flex machine system. The new unit can be deployed quickly and easily at any position in the printing process, without having to give up the use of a flexo unit.
Thanks to the X-Flex’s automatic pre-register and VISION control, the adjustment of OMET’s new HOTFOIL unit is automatic in the same way as the printing units. This reduces the time needed to prepare jobs and cuts down to a minimum the wasted material at start-up.
The optional tooling device that is integrated in the unit improves both set-up time for the machine and operator safety. It allows for easy removal of the printing cylinder. A new printing roll can be prepared offline, using the optional change trolley, equipped with a worktable. The accurate tension control system, which is integrated in the printing head, avoids foil wrinkles that reduce the quality of the finished product. The control panel and the print pressure adjustment system are ergonomically located on the HOTFOIL unit, and the doors that open to allow cleaning operations on the tools and rubber counter-roll, are easily accessible. It is simple to use, and makes the operator's job easier because of the access to the fast paper insertion system.