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Typoekdotiki SA Achieves Better Proof to Press Match and Immediate ROI With Alwan Print Standardizer

Commercial and Newspaper printer Typoekdotiki SA has secured an immediate return on its investment in Alwan Color Expertise’s Print Standardizer. The Greece-based company won new customers soon after adopting the solution, offsetting its initial financial outlay.

Typoekdotiki has been using Print Standardizer 1.0 and reaping the benefits of the software for the last eighteen months. One year later, the company was keen to implement Print Standardizer 2.0 because many of its enhancements have been developed with their expressed needs in mind.

Michail Kaloudis, Quality Manager at Typoekdotiki comments: “We were very impressed with the first version of Print Standardizer. It allowed us to calibrate our sheetfed, coldset and heatset presses to achieve standard printing conditions on coated, uncoated, lwc, sc, mwc, mfc and standard newspaper grades.”

But with increasing importance being placed on quality control, the company needed to follow-up production in real-time. It asked Alwan to develop the reporting system so that it monitored the print activity in the pressroom.

“Alwan took our feedback on board and has responded to our request in the latest version of its software,” says Kaloudis.   “Version 2.0 has made our quality assurance and press tracking work a lot easier.”

Typoekdotiki is using Print Standardizer 2.0 to generate XML reports for all measured sheets, jobs and export CTP compensation curves, enabling the company to analyze presses and pressroom performance and trends over time. “We’re in the process of exploiting this data in our MIS system,” adds Kaloudis.


Typoekdotiki is also using Print Standardizer 2.0’s powerful database to gain a better understanding of press and paper performance. In addition, the company is using the software to identify papers that may need special treatment in terms of standardization and CTP compensation.

Typoekdotiki is also using Print Standardizer 2.0 to create groups of presses. The feature allows the company to average CTP compensation curves for similar presses. This helps Typoekdotiki compare individual presses against the average so that it can quickly identify possible press-related problems.

“Thanks to the achieved proof-to-press match, the press minder has shorter make-ready times, which saves a lot of money in heatset printing,” says Kaloudis. “The combination of better proofing standards and CTP compensation curves has led to a quality of proof-to-press match that we didn’t think possible.

He concludes: “Our main goal before investing in Print Standardizer was to achieve better print quality, especially a better proof to press match for standard jobs, and we have achieved this.”

About Alwan Color Expertise

Alwan Color Expertise was founded in Lyon, France, in 1997 by the current President Elie Khoury. His vision - to demonstrate how important standardizing and controlling color is throughout every stage of production - has resulted in the company becoming a world leader in standardization and color management implementation. Today, Alwan provides software and consultancy to key players throughout the graphic arts industry, from printers to publishers and from software developers to hardware manufacturers.

Alwan offers a choice of four full-featured software solutions, CMYK Optimizer, PDF Standardizer, PRINT Standardizer and PRINT Verifier, each delivering specialized capabilities that enable all partners along the graphic production line to guarantee the color accuracy of their work, while ensuring optimum production further down the line.

Alwan has appointed specialist distributors for each of the targeted market segments. An ever-growing number of leading pre-press manufacturers are either bundling Alwan software with their products or recommending it with their systems.

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