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ADM Imprimerie invests in Presstek 52DI digital offset press with on-press plate imaging.

Presstek, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRST), a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries, announces that Paris (France) based ADM Imprimerie has recently invested in a Presstek 52DI digital offset press with on-press plate imaging.
Founded in 1994, ADM Imprimerie employs 22 people and generates 3.6 million euros of annual revenue. The company specialises in high quality print work for the wine, fashion, perfume, cosmetics and jewelry industries. Its impressive customer base includes such marquis companies as L'Oréal, Chanel, PPR and LVMH. ADM Imprimerie includes in its customer base PR agencies, producing high quality press kits in short print runs for them.
ADM Imprimerie has built its business on digital printing technologies, having used HP Indigo's since 2001 they upgraded to a HP Indigo 5500 in 2008. With its investment in the Presstek 52DI digital offset press, ADM Imprimerie has added to its significant digital printing investment, enabling very high quality short runs of digital offset printing that meet the demanding requirements of its customer base for high production value printing.

Adding digital offset to the mix

The decision to invest in the Presstek 52DI comes as a result of the company's efforts to gain better control of its production process and to produce longer runs more profitably and cost-effectively than is possible using toner-based technologies. "Before acquiring the Presstek 52DI, we could affordably produce digital print runs of 500 to 700 copies,” says Céline Mercier, ADM Imprimerie's deputy general manager. “Larger print jobs were outsourced, and we could not always control the quality and turnaround time of this outsourced work." In an effort to shorten turnaround times and improve print quality and reliability, the company's management determined it made sense to bring offset production in-house. "As a digital company,” adds Loïc Maiche, ADM Imprimerie's president, “we wanted an offset printing press that was complementary to our digital printing heritage and that could provide the high level of print quality our customers demand. We wanted an innovative technology that was both environmentally friendly and flexible enough to handle the large selection of different paper stock and formats we use on a regular basis."
Over a four-month period, ADM Imprimerie conducted an intensive review of technologies available in the marketplace, ultimately selecting Presstek's 52DI digital offset press. "We were impressed by the technology as well as Presstek's open and honest sales approach,” Maiche commented. “The Presstek sales team was confident enough about the value and capabilities of the press to introduce us to several existing 52DI customers that we visited during our search to gain real-life insight into the true value of the press as it was operating in a production environment. Seeing the press in action in a busy production environment and speaking to owners and operators with experience using the press carries a great deal more weight than seeing a demonstration on the showroom floor.”

More control, higher quality, higher margins

Installed in November 2010, ADM Imprimerie's 52DI was quickly on the job. "Installation and training took a little less than three weeks, during which Presstek provided a truly remarkable level of support,” says Mercier. “In no time at all, we were confident in our ability to run high quality production jobs consistently."
Adding a 52DI to ADM Imprimerie's production line-up offered a number of key benefits for the company and its customers. This includes the ability to handle print runs of up to 5,000 copies in-house at a competitive price point. In addition, customer press checks can be done locally, without the need to travel to a printing subcontractor outside Paris.
From a technological standpoint, the 52DI's on-press plate imaging system meant the company avoided the need to acquire a separate CTP system, and, the waterless printing technology helps ADM Imprimerie meet the increasing customer demand for sustainable printing. Waterless offset also delivers a large colour gamut, high quality solid coverage and a reduction in TVI (Tone Value Increase). Finally, the 52DI’s fast makeready—from file to sellable sheets in ten minutes and with as few as 20 sheets—limits waste, a particularly important aspect when using expensive paper stocks.
Thanks to the Presstek 52DI, the company expects to be able to produce in-house more than 30% offset work previously outsourced, while at the same time improving print quality, customer satisfaction and margins.

About Presstek

Presstek, Inc. is a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries. Presstek’s DI® digital offset solutions bridge the gap between toner and conventional offset printing, enabling printers to cost effectively meet increasing customer demand for high quality, short run color printing with a fast turnaround time while providing improved profit margins. The Company’s CTP portfolio ranges from two-page to eight-page systems, many of which are fully automated. These systems support Presstek’s line of chemistry-free plates as well as Aeon, a no preheat thermal plate which offers run lengths up to one million impressions. Presstek also offers a range of workflow solutions, pressroom supplies, and reliable service. Presstek is well positioned to support print environments of any size on a worldwide basis. For more information visit, send an e-mail to