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Lucas Products & Services Invest In Daco Equipment Again

Following on from the recent purchase of a Daco DTD250 with closed loop tension control, Tim Lucas and his team again chose Daco Solutions for a laminator / die cutter.

Having identified the need for plain / blank labels for thermal label printers they looked around at the alternatives on offer from many machine manufacturers in Europe. Lucas Products purchased a Daco DTD250 with 2 rotary die stations and closed loop tension control for the unwind towards the end of summer 2010.

Following on from this Tim identified the need to produce laminated materials for various market sectors.  Tim, ‘We sell a range of vinyl printers for the sign making industry that requires that some materials are laminated and Mark at Daco suggested a specification for a machine that could fulfil these needs and also take us into producing products for the automotive sector.’  Having given the project some thought Lucas Products decided the time was right to move into being able to produce all the materials in house  for the range of equipment they sell and to move into new markets.


Daco produced some drawings with some suggested layouts of a machine at its UK design and manufacturing facility.  Tim again chose to go with the suggestions of Daco which included 1 rotary die station (with a provision for a 2nd); closed loop tension control on the 2 unwinds and closed loop tension control on the rewind.  Lucas Products gave the go ahead for the machine build and the machine was complete late 2010 and installed at Lucas Products premises late November 2010.

Tim, ‘What I like about dealing with Daco is their knowledge of the label market, not only do they supply a machine for my immediate needs, but they also suggest further applications and markets.  The machine design allows me to use very light tensions for difficult materials but also use higher tensions for normal label applications and the ease of use with the simple to operate touch screen control making job setups very easy and repeatable.’