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Maxiprint expands label business with 2nd Edale flexo press

Edale have today announced another machine sale; a five colour UV Alpha, sold to Belarusian company, Maxiprint.

Maxiprint’s core business is the production of high quality food and beverage labels, originally through offset printing. However, four years ago Maxiprint were so impressed with Edale’s flexo printing machine capabilities that they decided to invest in an eight colour Beta modular machine for their ticketing applications.

Maxiprint have never looked back, and 2010 saw them purchase another machine from the Edale range; this time a five colour UV Alpha, which has been in constant production since its installation in December.


Maxi Print 1 Andrey Sheiko, Owner/MD of Maxi Print, alongside the recently installed Alpha

The Alpha is Edale’s compact flexopress with a footprint of just 2.5m and a short web path of less than 12m, ensuring minimum wastage.

Andrey Sheiko, Owner/MD of Maxiprint explains, “Quality and reliability were key points when choosing  our initial flexo press, the Beta - and based on this, the decision to buy a second machine was easy as we had been so pleased with not only the first machine, but the quality of service. The Alpha seemed like the perfect solution for us this time, as we are already looking at future developments and with the Alpha there is the possibility for us to upgrade to the nine colour Alpha-Multi as business increases further”.

For more information on the Edale Alpha or Beta, or any product in the range, please call +44 (0) 1489 569230 or log on to