Tetra Pak unveils Dreamcap, an ergonomically designed closure for on-the-go consumption

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tetra Pak, the world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, today unveils three new closures designed to meet the diverse needs of the global beverage market:

  • DreamCap, an ergonomically designed closure specially for on-the-go consumption
  • LightCap, designed to keep plastic use and cost to a minimum, making it particularly suited for larger-sized closures 
  • HeliCap, which combines one-step easy opening with distinctive tamper evidence




DreamCap has been ergonomically designed with on-the-go-users in mind and incorporates the results of user tests in key markets to deliver a remarkable carton drinking experience. The cap’s high neck and its over-the-edge design offer the beverage consumer easy access to the spout and a comfortable fit to the face and lips. Tetra Pak also identified how people like to drink beverages while on-the-go. DreamCap’s large (26mm) opening and ridge to engage the lips allow consumers to drink in the way they prefer, with improved control of the liquid flow into the mouth.

“Combining DreamCap with the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 330, results in a visually appealing and highly portable package, ideally suited to on-the-go beverage consumption,” said Monther Al Harthi, CEO, Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. Ltd, the Middle East’s largest juice manufacturer. “In taking the time to listen to and learn from consumers, Tetra Pak has created a comfortable on-the-go consumption solution that ticks all the right boxes for today’s busy lifestyles.”

Aimed initially at the drink-at-home market, LightCap is also designed to meet the needs of both consumer and producer. By using the minimal amount of plastic to keep costs at a minimum and improve environmental performance, it is particularly suited to larger-sized openings, which are easier to handle and pour from.

Benefits are possible because of Tetra Pak’s industry-first combination of Pre-Laminated Hole (PLH) and Direct Injection Moulding Concept (DIMC) technologies. DIMC technology — already used by Tetra Pak customers for milk — allows the base of the cap neck to be moulded as flat as possible to the underside of the packaging material, providing the maximum pouring area. Combining this technology with PLH based packaging materials makes LightCap ideal for the ambient distribution of milks and oxygen sensitive products, such as vitamin-enriched milks, flavoured milks, soya beverages, juices, nectars and still drinks such as iced-tea.

HeliCap, initially aimed at the drink-at-home market, provides a one-step screw cap that brings convenience and confidence to consumers by combining easy-to-open functionality with noticeable security features. HeliCap has a good grip, a clearly visible tamper evidence ring and concentrates a low opening force on the first turn of the cap — enough for the consumer to feel the tamper ring breaking.

HeliCap’s advanced PLH based packaging materials allow for a simplified filling machine set up resulting in higher line efficiency. This, combined with reduced glue consumption by nearly 50 per cent, lowers overall production costs.

“Tetra Pak is committed to bringing the widest possible choice of packaging solutions to beverage producers,” said Tetra Pak’s Charles Brand, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management. “DreamCap, LightCap and HeliCap provide a range of new options to help meet industry demands — including reduced cost, enhanced consumer functionality and improved environmental performance — and the flexibility producers need to thrive in a dynamic market.”

DreamCap, LightCap and HeliCap are cost effective solutions, which can be integrated with existing packages and Tetra Pak lines:

DreamCap will initially be available on the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 330 Square size. DreamCap can be integrated to TBA/19 packaging lines by purchasing the new CAP 30 Flex. In a second stage this solution will be validated for Tetra Pak A3/CompactFlex, Tetra Pak A3/Flex and TBA/21, ensuring low investment for existing and new customers. 

LightCap will initially be available on Tetra Brik Aseptic family size packages.

HeliCap requires limited additional investment depending on existing equipment installed. Kits will be available for existing Tetra Brik Aseptic Slim 1000 packaging lines including:


Source: www.tetrapak.com

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