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Case: Carmella's Italian Bistro

Family-owned Carmella's Italian Bistro located in Appleton, Wisconsin specializes in authentic Italian cuisines using family recipes passed down through generations. Looking to market its popular house marinara sauce, owners concluded that they needed the perfect label design to convey the sauce's, quality, authenticity, and all-natural personality. They wanted to establish Carmella's as a mid-to-premium brand by using prestigious looking labels.

In order to do this, they conducted a thorough review of higher-end sauces currently on the market in the $6 to $10 per bottle range before even beginning the label design process. Carmella's knew the first run would be short and that typical label printing relies on large quantities to gain lower prices, which left them searching for a cost-effective way to produce high-quality labels.



Carmella's turned to WS Packaging Group to have their labels digitally printed. The cost-effectiveness of the digital process for short runs provided the best opportunity to accomplish the brand execution for Carmella's and also eliminated the need for printing plates, film work, and set-up time on press, while maintaining a high level of print quality.

In order to add a level of prestige, a face stock typically used for wine labels was chosen. The material is natural white in color with a ribbed texture that provides a tactile feel and gives the sauce a greater sense of uniqueness. The Carmella's labels were produced on an HP Indigo ws4500 press in 4-color process. A matte UV varnish is applied to the labels for protection against moisture and abrasion.

The market reception to Carmella's House Marinara Sauce on a regional level has been excellent, and as volume builds, production of the labels can be easily transferred to other WS Packaging presses and print technologies that provide the ideal combination of quality, quantity, and cost effectiveness. As they expand the product line, Carmella's plans to continue utilizing WS Packaging's digital capabilities for short run product introductions.