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Cultivate new business with the RafBio range

UPM Raflatac's RafBio range offers new labelling solutions for biodegradable packaging in the food, beverage and personal care segments. The range is designed to offer versatile options compliant to EN13432, the European standard for compostable packaging.

The RafBio range comprises of biodegradable cellulose films, PLA films, and paper faces combined with UPM Raflatac's new biodegradable adhesive RP 55 Bio.


The RafBio cellulose films in Clear, White and Silver are made from renewable wood-pulp from managed plantations. They are sustainably sourced and home-compostable, an ethical and practical combination that appeals directly to consumers. Cellulose films are top-coated for good printability.

The RafBio PLA films in Clear and White are derived from corn starch and they are suitable for direct food contact. These industrially compostable PLA films have naturally good printing properties, excellent scratch resistance and higher levels of transparency and gloss. They also offer resistance to moisture, fats and oils, delivering looks that last, in-store and post-purchase.

The newly launched RP 55 Bio adhesive has been formulated for maximum sustainability and biodegradability. It includes a high content of renewable (non-fossil derived) materials. RP 55 Bio is available with the biodegradable films as well as two paper faces: Raflacoat Plus and Thermal ECO 300. Most papers can be classed as chemically unmodified materials of natural origin, and can be accepted as biodegradable without testing.

RafBio films are also supplied with UPM Raflatac's RP 37 adhesive. The adhesive itself isn’t biodegradable, but adhesive and ink amounts below 1% of the total packaging are considered negligible under EN 13432. RP 37 provides the added advantages of clarity and water resistance, making UPM Raflatac’s biodegradable films a sustainable alternative across a broad range of label applications.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Thomas Treichel, Engineered Products Manager, Film & Special Business,
UPM Raflatac, tel. +49 172 258 7438, email:

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