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IML market for pet food expands significantly

It is no secret that more and more people are spending money on their pets, and we have also noticed a significant rise in IML packaging for pet food in our customers’ production.

The main reason for this success is the ‘humanisation’ of our pets. An American study (the National Pet Owner Survey) reveals that female animal owners in particular see themselves as the ‘mother’ of their pets and that they keep a very close eye on what is on offer for their little darlings.


Thanks to IML, packaging can have an impact on this kind of ‘emotional purchasing.’ The quality of the photograph as well as the various ‘look and feel’ possibilities offered by IML ensure that all product information is communicated to the consumer in an attractive way! This American study also showed that ‘pet care’ is one of the least price-sensitive markets. Pet food manufacturers are trying to distinguish themselves from their competitors by using these packaging innovations including IML.