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Puntes transforms production and branding with support of EskoArtwork technology

Spanish print service provider Puntes streamlined and renewed its production set-up with the investment in a raft of EskoArtwork technology. The company enjoys a long-standing relationship with EskoArtwork, and recently installed a CDI Spark 5080 with HD Flexo technology, Digital Flexo Suite software and Kongsberg XL22 cutting table. The installation enabled Puntes to grow on an international level and establish a stronger presence in foreign markets.
Puntes believes its relationship with EskoArtwork helped put the company on a very strong footing. “One of our key objectives is to become a technology leader, and EskoArtwork is helping us realize this goal. Our commitment to their technology proved to be the right decision, " explains Miguel Angel, Company Manager of Puntes. “We’ve increased our production capacity, reduced human error, driven down costs and improved our turnaround times. The EskoArtwork solutions have brought us much closer to our customers, and opened up new, more effective ways of working".
Considerable growth in flexo department
Responding decisively to shifting market trends has been a cornerstone of Puntes’ success. The company noticed the flexo market is growing at the expense of rotogravure and other printing methods and has set about standardizing its processes accordingly. Sergio Montañés, Commercial Director at Puntes, explains: “You need to be in a position to respond to this trend. We have been applying flexo techniques for many years and are achieving results similar to gravure. With the EskoArtwork solutions, we have the necessary tools to offer our clients outstanding quality and achieve results that rival other printing techniques. We are changing clients’ perceptions regarding the quality of flexo. They particularly appreciate the lower costs, greater flexibility and environmental aspect. "
Streamline production results in improved customer satisfaction
For Montañés, the cooperation with EskoArtwork has helped the company improve customer satisfaction. The overall installation provided Puntes with a complete solution that allows them to meet all their customers’ requirements. Not only is the set-up now more reliable, they also have efficiency-enhancing tools that improve the way they work. For example, customers can review work online before processing the plates, which saves time and minimizes costly re-working. "One of our overarching aims is to help our customers streamline their operations to make them more profitable. This gives them a stronger platform for growth – and we plan to grow with them,” says Montañés.
Following this philosophy, Puntes is undertaking a re-branding exercise. This includes a new logo and a revamped website to detail its new offering and highlight its expertise, innovation, high-quality output and personalized customer service.
Another major benefit has been minimizing human error, which led to healthier profit margins on jobs. Because of a far more automated production, there are no issue with errors and Puntes is able to achieve more reliable and precise results. "We know that the products we deliver are exactly what our clients are expecting, which helps establish us a very dependable partner in the market,” concludes Angel. "Investing in market-leading technology is essential for growth, and we believe that our latest investment was a safe bet despite the challenging economic climate,"

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EskoArtwork is a global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging, sign and display finishing, commercial printing and professional publishing. Its products and services help customers raise productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs and expand business.
EskoArtwork is the worldwide market leader with software for artwork creation, pre-production, automation, quality assurance and collaboration targeted at brand owners, retailers, designers and packaging manufacturers.
The CDI flexo computer-to-plate imagers, Kongsberg short-run converting and signage finishing systems complete the portfolio for the packaging, label, signage and display industries.
The company provides a range of workflow, automation and quality assurance solutions for the commercial printing and publishing market. For graphic designers and print production professionals there’s also the Enfocus suite of PDF tools.
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EskoArtwork employs around 1050 people worldwide. Its global sales and support organization covers Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific and is completed by a network of distribution partners in more than 45 countries.
EskoArtwork is headquartered in Gent, Belgium, and has R&D and manufacturing facilities in five European countries, the United States, China and India. The consolidated full year financials ended for 2010 with revenue of EUR 184.1 million.
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