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Presstek Dealer Finds Market Demand for Presstek DI® Presses in Germany

Presstek, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRST), a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries, today announced that Heinrich Baumann, the company’s full-service dealer based in Germany, has recently installed two Presstek 52DI-AC presses in large, high-end production shops. Heinrich Baumann is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and is one of the most prominent partners to the graphic communications industry in the country. Along with its portfolio of prepress and finishing equipment, Heinrich Baumann also distributes the full range of Presstek DI digital offset presses.
“These two 52DI-AC installations combined with other DI successes in the region, confirm that our growth strategy of expanding internationally is working,” said Guy Sasson, Presstek’s President, Europe, Africa, and Middle East Region. “Over the last several years, our presence in the German market has been consistently increasing. First we found reputable distribution partners, like Heinrich Baumann, and in June of 2010 we established Presstek Deutschland to better support our dealer network. I believe we are now starting to see the results of these and other investments designed to expand our presence in Germany and the rest of Europe,” adds Axel Thien, Managing Director of Presstek Deutschland GmbH.
“About 80% of four-color print runs fall into the 500 to 10,000 range, the sweet spot for DI presses,” said Christian Baumann, Managing Director of Heinrich Baumann. “These digital offset presses are the ideal solution to bridge the production gap that exists between conventional offset presses and digital toner-based devices. The Presstek DI offers the advantages of waterless offset while at the same time delivering speed, quality, and environmental sustainability. All are important considerations for printing businesses in Germany. In other words, the market in Germany is quite receptive to Presstek DI presses and we expect our success in placing them to continue.”

The DI Product Line

Presstek DI digital offset presses are available in three basic models: the Presstek 75DI, the Presstek 52DI, and the Presstek 34DI. All models are environmentally-friendly, highly automated, and deliver 300lpi and FM screening quality.
The Presstek 75DI is a tower press that is available in configurations of 4 to 10-colors with an optional inline coater. The 75DI has a maximum sheet size of 31.02" × 23.62" (788mm × 600mm), prints on stocks up to 0.31” (0.8mm) thick, and operates at speeds up to 16,000 sheets per hour. The extreme automation of the 75DI enables it to go from digital file to printed sheet in six minutes and deliver printed sheets for as little as a penny per page. Its larger sheet size opens the door to many new applications that can now be produced more efficiently using Presstek DI technology.
The Presstek 52DI is a landscape digital offset press that operates at up to 10,000 sheets per hour with a maximum sheet size of 20.47 x 14.76” (520 x 375 mm). The 52DI is also available with an inline aqueous coater. The Presstek 34DI is portrait format press that produces up to 7,000 sheets per hour. It has a maximum sheet size of 13.39 x 18.11.” Both the 52DI and 34DI support a wide range of stocks up to 0.02” (0.5mm) thick and are also available with a UV printing option.

About Heinrich Baumann Grafisches Zentrum

Heinrich Baumann Grafisches Centrum GmbH & Co KG was established in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 1930 and is now one of the most prominent partners of the graphics industry in Germany. The company sells Presstek digital offset presses in most regions of Germany and has subsidiaries in Cologne, Meckenheim, Solms, Leipzig, Hanover and Verden. The Baumann Group has approximately 500 employees. For more information visit .

About Presstek

Presstek, Inc. is a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries. Presstek’s DI® digital offset solutions bridge the gap between toner and conventional offset printing, enabling printers to cost effectively meet increasing customer demand for high quality, short run color printing with a fast turnaround time while providing improved profit margins. The Company’s CTP portfolio ranges from two-page to eight-page systems, many of which are fully automated. These systems support Presstek’s line of chemistry-free plates as well as Aeon, a no preheat thermal plate which offers run lengths up to one million impressions. Presstek also offers a range of workflow solutions, pressroom supplies, and reliable service. Presstek is well positioned to support print environments of any size on a worldwide basis. For more information please visit .