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Procap restyles lid for Herta Knacki Balls

For many years Procap (Messia-sur-Sorne, France) has specialised in the manufacturing of plastic lids for the cosmetic and food industries as well as for chemical products. At the beginning of 2010 they restyled the lid on Herta Knacki Balls together with Nestlé. It now includes an in-mould label with four integrated cocktail sticks. Not only does this make the packaging look more attractive, but it adds to its functionality, too. The lid, including its cocktail sticks and label, is moulded in a single industrial process. The specially designed film makes it possible to pull the sticks off the lid easily and without damaging the in-mould label.
NB9_Herta Knacki
This container is available for meatballs in six different flavours and has a capacity of 200g. Each flavour is easily identifiable thanks to its specific in-mould label on the lid. This product is sold in supermarkets and is also available in cinema theatres.
With this creation Herta Knacki Ball is responding to consumer demand for ready-to-use meals and snacks (convenience goods). They are ready in just one minute to enjoy by yourself or with friends!