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((rfid))-DuraTag for harsh industrial environments

While conventional RFID labels do not endure many industrial applications, the ((rfid))-DuraTag by Schreiner LogiData due to its robust product design has been perfectly tailored to harsh ambient conditions. In addition, the very thin RFID transponder can be inconspicuously placed for flexible usability.

Unlike hard tags, the ((rfid))-DuraTag by Schreiner LogiData is ideally suited for industrial uses due to its ultra-thin design and small dimensions. With a thickness of just 0.75 millimeters and sizes of 42 x 30 mm or 30 mm, for example, it can be attached to a wide range of non-metallic materials. The special product composition makes the storage medium highly resistant to wear. Its complete encapsulation prevents moisture ingress and its high temperature resistance of up to 220 degrees centigrade (short-term) gives the RFID label additional robustness. The ((rfid))-DuraTag is available as an HF or UHF version.


In the construction industry the RFID label is used on concrete elements or floors, for example. In warehouse logistics it serves to mark storage locations, containers and pallets. When used with plastic components the ((rfid))-DuraTag is directly integrated during the injection molding process. The RFID label is also used in the healthcare sector, for instance in prosthetics. Another highly suitable use is in textile and laundry logistics since the label easily survives repeated laundering processes and does not interfere with usage or wearing comfort. The quality and fault tolerance of the ((rfid))-DuraTag have been confirmed by the independent textile research institute Hohenstein.

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