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Washable labels without compromise

Self-adhesive wine label adoption continues to grow rapidly across Europe. High speed, trouble-free conversion allows brands to create exceptional results across a range.

One of the biggest of all wine labelling challenges lies in washable labels. Simple end-of-life label removal is not enough on its own – although this is, of course, a basic requirement. A bottle also faces many challenges during shipping, storage and end use. The label must look good and safeguard a brand image throughout.


Fasson® WLA adhesive has been a proven solution for more than ten years, offering unparalleled performance with wash-off labelling. In combination with the right facestock, it delivers reliable adhesion, durable branding and clean removal at the washing plant.

Wine and Spirits Segment Manager Gwenaelle Le Garrec is in no doubt why Fasson® WLA adhesive has endured for so long: “Washable is one of the most difficult adhesive formulations to get right. Avery Dennison has retained the Fasson® WLA adhesive longer than many other products simply because it has performed so well and proved so popular with brands and converters.”

“Environmental considerations – both from within brands and from regulators – continue to influence choices. This adhesive offers an excellent way to improve green credentials without having to compromise on brand messages.”

Of course the precise choice of washable or permanent adhesive depends on the application. Examples of high performance permanent adhesives include Fasson® S2047N and Fasson® S2030, which cope easily with key sector challenges such as ice-bucket performance and high-speed application of complex label shapes.