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Whitlam Label Presents: Solutions to Avoid Counterfeiters and Pirates

With the significant rise in counterfeiting, the demand for brand protection solutions, to ensure product authenticity, has significantly increased.  Whitlam Label is determined to work with brand owners to make sure we can develop the most cost-effective packaged and labeled goods for your brand. Why are we spending so much time to focus on this matter?  The answer to that question may surprise and upset you.

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), pirated products have cost companies $250 million annually worldwide!  This is a substantial increase from 2007, with a 53% rise since 2007.  Counterfeiting has been costing companies over $600 billion in annual global losses as well.  Out of all the industries, the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries pose the highest risks to be infiltrated by pirates and counterfeiters.  So what can you do to protect yourself?

There are many things you can do to become more protected.  We here at Whitlam Label will work with brand owners from the beginning, to establish and develop the best brand protection plan solutions.  We will work with you on developing the best brand protection solution, from low to high cost technologies, to provide the best protection based upon your budget.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of different security features, and with our custom designed solutions, we’ll make sure you receive the best brand protection solution for your specific product.  From overt, to covert technologies, rest assured, we will give you our best effort to make sure that you don’t become a victim of pirated products and counterfeiters.

We provide a variety of solutions to help protect your products needs. From tamper indicating technology, water indicating technology, to overt technology such as holograms, encrypted data, etc. To convert technology such as, hidden images, taggants, etc.  Along with track and trace technologies, that can greatly increase your ability to be safe from the frisky pirates.

Designing the best fit solution to ensure your products brand protection are very successful tools, which will help you to avoid counterfeiters from tampering with your products.  We have the ability to provide reasonably low-cost solutions for your brand protection needs.

These are just some of the security services we can provide for you and your organization and its products.  We will work closely with your brand managers/owners to develop the best solution for your business needs.