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WS Packaging Group Enters Strategic Partnership with Italian Manufacturer of High-Speed Rotary Self-Adhesive Labelers

The agreement gives WS Packaging exclusive distribution rights in the United States and Mexico.

WS Packaging Group, Inc., has partnered with ILTI S.r.l. (Italian Labelling Technology Industry) of Mantova, Italy, to expand its Automated Systems Division (ASD) portfolio to include a series of rotary labelers designed for pressure-sensitive label applications in the food, beverage, automotive, wine and spirits, pharmaceutical, and home and personal care markets. WS Packaging has acquired the exclusive distribution rights of the high-speed rotary equipment within the United States and Mexico.

“WS Packaging is a respected leader with a significant presence in the printing and label converting market within North America,” said Tarcisio Scapinelli, president and CEO for ILTI. “ILTI strengthens WS Packaging in the field of self-adhesive label application equipment and their unique capability to supply both machines and labels that few competitors in North America can offer.”

ILTI RP System
“Expanding our ASD family of products allows us to better support and grow with our clients’ application needs,” said Scott Fisher, chief innovation and operations officer for WS Packaging. “ILTI designs and manufactures superior rotary technology not found in North America today, and our combined capabilities provide the highest technical expertise to provide a single resource for both labels and application equipment to service the demanding needs of Fortune 500 clients.”

“Compared to other rotary labelers on the market, ILTI’s technology is highly efficient and cost-effective, without compromising durability and functionality,” Fisher added.
The ILTI rotary labeling equipment is available in four separate models, including:

• RS System—designed for speeds up to 300 bottles-per-minute (BPM), the RS System is soundly built; yet economically priced.
• RE System—designed for high-efficiency packaging lines with an ergonomic design, specific for non-stop functionality. The RE System features two labeling heads for non-stop applications requiring speeds up to 600 BPM.
• RP System—the fastest ILTI labeler, with a production capability of more than 1,000 BPM, the RP System is ideal for the beverage sector, particularly for beer and soft drinks.
• Pharma-R System—designed for the pharmaceutical industry, in compliance with the industry’s safety, traceability and cleanliness requirements. Intended for speeds up to 450 BPM.
“Each of the four machine models offers a combination of speed, flexibility and accuracy,” said Allen Hallberg, WS Packaging – Automated Systems general manager. “The machines are built for longevity and are capable of adapting to ever-changing market needs. With varying speed capabilities coupled with exact label placement tolerances, we’re now able to provide a solution for those customers seeking high-speed labeling technology for prime labels.”

“There is a great synergy between WS Packaging and ILTI,” said Hallberg. “It’s truly a privilege to partner with a company that possesses such a strong engineering and machine building background.”

The ILTI rotary equipment is currently available through WS Packaging. For more information visit To learn more about ILTI, visit

About Italian Labelling Technology Industry
Established in 2009, ILTI, located in Mantova, Italy, is an international company with a branch in the United Kingdom (UK)—ILTI UK Ltd, that builds machines and labeling systems for self-adhesive labeling applications. The company’s main business sectors include home and personal care, food, beverage and pharmaceutical. ILTI supplies customers in the European market, as well as the international arena.

About WS Packaging Group
WS Packaging Group, Inc., with more than 40 years of experience, is one of the largest printing and label converting operations in North America. It operates 17 manufacturing facilities and produces high-quality packaging products. Its customers range in size from small businesses to large, high-volume manufacturers and consumer product goods companies doing business locally, nationally, and in marketplaces worldwide. WS Packaging Group is majority owned by J.W. Childs Associates, L.P. (JWC), a private equity firm based in Boston, Mass., investing in middle-market growth companies. Since 1995, JWC has invested in over 40 companies, with a transaction value of more than $12 billion.