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FINAT successfully concluded its 1st YMC Summit

FINAT‟s Young Manager Club (YMC) held its first independently organized summit at the Bristol Hotel in Vienna (Austria) on 28 – 29 March 2011. Young managers from the labeling industry were given the opportunity to learn more about leadership skills and they were triggered to discuss several strategic practices and think  about implementing management tools most effectively in their own business. The summit turned out to be very
interactive and highly appreciated due to the professional workshops and the
networking opportunities.

Themed “Leadership & Strategic Management  in this Century”, the YMC summit  began with a presentation by  Jan Frederik Vink of Kolibri Labels (NL). He is the past president  of FINAT and instigator of the YMC. By sharing his broad experience in the labeling industry, he explained how to build partnerships and to become a global player. His interesting presentation was followed by „The Strategic Safari‟ workshop where all participants had prepared a „pecha kucha‟ presentation (20 slides with 20 seconds per slide) on one of the ten learning schools by Henry Mintzberg. The presentations gave a fresh view on how
several methods can be used to determine your company‟s strategy. The workshop
was  presented by  Ronny Leyman, Partner at  Conlibrio (BE)  who  brings over 20 years of experience as a leader in organizations and as a management consultant for various markets, including the label industry.

On the second day, Els Maes, management consultant at  Alnus (BE) and graphic arts and packaging expert, guided an interactive  session on the balanced scorecard, focusing on   best practices in the labeling industry. The balanced scorecard  is a strategic planning and management tool used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization. It improves internal and external communications, and monitors organizational performance against strategic goals and KPI‟s (Key Performance Indicators). 

The participants were divided in groups where high level action plans were made and afterwards their findings were jointly discussed. The roundtable session that followed built further on these action plans and the possible implementation.

All participants were  satisfied with the gained knowledge and experience. This Summit showed that it is worthwhile for young managers to join the YMC and to attend its events.

The next YMC meeting will take place during the FINAT congress 2012 in Sicily (Italy) on 10 June 2011. In 2012, the YMC will organize a  Global congress  for young managers  active  in the Label Industry.  For full details on the YMC Summit 2011 Program  and pictures  go to

About FINAT Young Managers Club (YMC)
FINAT YMC, launched in 2008, is intended to attract young managers and to help prepare them to become the company and industry leaders of tomorrow. This unique platform is aimed at managers under 40 who want to increase their network and become the industry leaders of the future. Currently, the FINAT YMC has around sixty members.