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Labelling unit PROPER-LL1, patented system for “LINERLESS” self-adhesive labels

The research and development for the new linerless labelling station is now complete, this has now been introduced into normal production.

The last frontier of technological innovation in the field of labelling systems, it is the result of the technical experience of ILTI’S Team, which led to the development and patenting of a labelling unit for pre-cut labels, produced and distributed on the international market by Licensees of the solution developed by Catchpoint.

The main scope is environmental protection (no liner-no scraps), while offering higher efficiency (one roll contains more than double the number of label present in one standard roll), lower costs for materials (elimination of the liner) and logistics (transport and storage), and last but not least, the dispensingand operating speed is not inferior to that of conventional labelling systems. These are just some - yet the most obvious – advantages this technology offers to our Customers.