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Atlantic Zeiser: Integration Solutions for Late-Stage Customization at Interpack 2011

Leave coding until last to generate the greatest savings: at interpack in Düsseldorf Atlantic Zeiser will demonstrate its inkjet print innovations for coding and marking packages and products at the latest possible stage in the production process. The event takes place 12-18 May, and Atlantic Zeiser can be found in hall 13, stand C12.


Atlantic Zeiser Group, a leading innovator and technology supplier for digital narrow format, packaging and direct product printing processes, will demonstrate at interpack various applications to show customers cutting-edge late-stage customization (LSC).


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Digital inkjet print solutions for LSC – which involves coding and marking at the latest stage possible in the production process – guarantee maximum machine availability, flexible print job changes, and flexibility regarding choice of product format, surface and material. Atlantic Zeiser’s end-to-end system solutions incorporate DoD inkjet printer modules, proprietary UV inks, air-cooled and water-cooled UV LED curing technology and camera-based verification units.


When it comes to coding and marking products and packaging, the later the information is added, the better. This production step should always be adapted to the demands of a complex, technically sophisticated packaging system. The stage at which crucial variable data and information is added plays a decisive role in optimised production. Late-stage customization is the answer to many problems regarding the cost-effective coding and marking of products and packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, luxury goods and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries.


The optimum point in the production process

Late-stage customization allows products or packaging to be coded and marked with frequently changing information at the most cost-efficient point in the production process. This is usually at the end, because at this stage manufacturers can be confident that they are printing all the necessary codes and information on a quality-tested and faultless product in the final stage of production.


This virtually eliminates tooling times and the resulting idle times, while for changeovers and adjustments, they can be performed during printing with just a few clicks of the mouse. This in turn means greater machine availability – the key criterion as far as the operator is concerned, as the equipment represents a major investment and is configured for high production output.

The frequently changing data includes information in normal script – user instructions, disclaimers, expiry dates, lists of ingredients and product information – and machine-readable data, such as production data, product details and check codes in visible and invisible barcodes and 2D data matrix codes. In addition to consecutive number ranges, the information may also have to be printed in different languages.


One successful example of a late-stage customization application, using an OMEGA 210 DoD inkjet printer and integrated in a White-Line packaging system, will be exhibited by MediSeal GmbH at interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf.

The perfect technology for late-stage customization

Late-stage customization technology must satisfy two main criteria: efficient job changes with maximum machine availability, and inks that adhere to different surfaces and provide high-quality print. The most suitable technology is industrial digital printing. Specially designed inks provide the necessary adhesion on boxes and aluminium blister foils, and the combination of DoD inkjet printers, UV inks and UV LED curing systems is an ideal solution for late-stage customization.


DoD inkjet technology is very economical with ink, which minimises material consumption. Inkjet technology also makes it possible to modify entire print layouts or individual data during printing without impacting the existing production process. Changes can be made with a few clicks of the mouse, so even small batches can be produced profitably.


Printing modules for late-stage customization can be retrofitted in existing systems at the most appropriate point. This ensures no major impact on the overall process and adds no extra complexity to production. Because the dimensions of packaging systems are already optimised, it is vital that the printing and curing components are easy to integrate. Integratable components for late-stage customization save money because they do not require expensive interventions in tried-and-tested processes and machine functions.

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About Atlantic Zeiser

Atlantic Zeiser helps industrial customers to raise the cost efficiency, market value, security and quality of their products in the production and goods logistic chain. The company guarantees this through solutions for high-value individual coding, identification and additional printing of each individual product with frequently changing content. Atlantic Zeiser has specialised in digital printing on demanding substrates, which have a relatively low print colour adhesion, where a quality and production speed comparable with offset printing is guaranteed. In the three segments of digital print solutions for industrial applications, card systems and banknote & security print systems, Atlantic Zeiser develops, manufacturers and distributes technology components and integrated systems for commercial and state industrial clients throughout the world. Atlantic Zeiser supports its customers via its own 11 sites as well as distribution and support offices in around 50 countries.