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Caliza Winery. Case Study

Caliza Winery is a small wine producer in a competitive market. When it came time to launch their brand in 2008, they had to find a way to establish their wine as a premium product while capturing the consumers' attention at retail. They didn't want to be similar to competitors; they wanted their look on the shelf to be exceptional to reflect the high quality of their wine.

Carl and Pam Bowker, the owners of Caliza winery, also had a clear idea of the label design they required. They wanted a label that combined visual intrigue with a strong tactile feel, creating a level of differentiation. They also wanted the word "Caliza" to be difficult to read in order to get consumers' eyes to focus on their bottle. Due to the advanced printing techniques that this job would require, they needed to first address and understand any potential production limitations in making their vision a reality.


Caliza Winery turned to WS Packaging Group to accomplish the task of printing a label that fulfilled the various printing objectives and intricate detail. The design called for a combination of technically demanding printing techniques and features, including heavy de-bossing, scuff varnish, and distinct modern colors. All of these requirements were accomplished by printing the labels at WS Packaging's San Luis Obispo, California facility, using offset technology.


The label was printed on premium pressure-sensitive paper to conform with Caliza's positioning as a premium wine brand. An ink drawdown technique was used to ensure solid ink coverage and create a custom color that matched Caliza's wax capsule. In addition, a sculpted deboss die was developed to achieve maximum depth on the Caliza text.

The finished product was a dynamic label that brought the Caliza brand to life and earned it recognition through several label awards, including "Best of Show" at the prestigious Orange County Fair Wine Competition, which is America's largest competition for California wines with over 2,900 entries. It was also awarded Gold in the Commercial Wine category and took first place in the competition's calligraphy design category.