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Cases: Stock Spirits LABEL UPGRADE




PRESTIGE is one of The Stock Spirits Group’s premium vodkas and retails in 14 countries, including its principal market of Poland.


CCL Label offered The Stock Spirits Group the opportunity to use a different printing technology other than what was currently being used on the existing label which was printed by a competitor in combination print. CCL convinced the customer of the advantages of using the rotogravure printing process. With this printing technology CCL could achieve a more traditional and premium look for the label. As the labels are printed reverse the print image is scuff resistant and can't be damaged.


Another challenge was to use a high gloss silver, which looks brilliant, but not too heavy. The specialty appearance also gives this a 3D effect. The combination of clear fronts and innovative back labels creates a fascinating and dimensional look. Consumers see through the front label to the images behind which are enhanced by the product within.




The Stock Spirits Group is one of the fastest growing spirits companies in Europe. The company produces and markets a wide range of established and modern drinks brands - Stock 84, Fernet Stock, Keglevich and Wódka ¯o³¹dkowa Gorzka sit alongside more recent creations such as the phenomenally successful Czysta de Luxe, Orzel, Limoncé and GranGala - as well as a selection of third party brands for which our company is proud to act as distributor.