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Castorani – Coste Delle Plaie

Winery estate ‘Castorani’, owned by Italian Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli, assigned Cartils to redesign one of their main selling brands named “Coste Delle Plaie”.


‘Coste Delle Plaie’ needed to be brought in line with the new corporate identity, while updating the brand presentation and making it more competitive globally. Overall, with an evolutionary approach while respecting all the visual equities in place, the design was made minimal and refined in order to deliver a more premium feeling, especially for the Canadian on-trade sector. A unique typeface was developed to improve legibility and memorability. A coat of arms was utilized as a quality seal and signal of authenticity. The new Castorani corporate logo was also introduced as a separate label to add consistency throughout the range.

The new brand presentation was successfully launched in April 2011.