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Henkel presents new generation of hotmelts

Under the motto “Take off to tomorrow”, Henkel is presenting a new generation of hotmelts for edgebanding and profile wrapping at the LIGNA 2011 trade fair in Hannover. In addition to high thermal stability and minimal application weights, the innovative hotmelt Technomelt Supreme is characterized mainly by its use of a new polymer base. By opening up this raw materials category, adhesives manufacturer Henkel is offering its customers not only supply security but also a broader spectrum of product solutions.



“Take off to tomorrow” is the motto under which Henkel will be presenting itself at this year’s LIGNA in Hannover, from Monday, May 30, to Friday, June 3. At stages along an innovation path, visitors can learn about the new products and talk shop with the Henkel experts. Among a series of innovations, one stands out in particular and best symbolizes the chosen motto for this year’s event: Technomelt Supreme. This is the new brand name under which an innovative product line of thermoplastic hotmelts for edgebanding and profile wrapping is being introduced. Technomelt Supreme is based on a new generation of polymers developed by Henkel that will be setting standards in the furniture industry in the coming years.



High thermal stability, minimal application weights
With their improved properties profile, the new thermoplastic hotmelts offer advantages not just during processing but also for the end-user. The new polymers that form the backbone of the hotmelts ensure better thermal stability of the bond. Another benefit provided by Technomelt Supreme is its improved cohesive behavior, allowing a significant reduction in application weights. This, in turn, results in much slimmer and more attractive bondlines.



System solutions for precise determination of application weights
To ensure that the benefits offered by Technomelt Supreme can be fully utilized for consistently good results in the production of furniture parts, Henkel has developed special supporting equipment. The ProMeter makes it possible for the first time to determine application weights precisely without any major modification to the edgebanding machine. The reduced application weights significantly improve the appearance of the bondlines on the end product.



For its new Technomelt Supreme product generation, Henkel has invested in a new production line at its site in Bopfingen. The foundations for future success lie in 20 years’ experience of producing hotmelts by extrusion techniques.