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Negri Bossi takes over Sytrama and Roboline

The products made by these two companies, operating in the plastic processing machine automation sector, complete the Negri Bossi injection machine range
Negri Bossi, a leading Milan-based company belonging to the Imola-based Sacmi Group and a producer of injection presses for thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers, recently acquired the Roboline company and the Sytrama brand.
Sytrama, based in Vignate in the province of Milan, has been a key player in the plastic processing machine automation field since 1975.

Over the last two years Negri Bossi has implemented policies aimed at improving the company’s strategic standing. The first step was an overhaul of the entire production range; this was followed by the introduction of new high-performance machine lines with a strong focus on energy savings, an area in which Negri Bossi is right at the forefront, with nothing to fear from the world’s most advanced competitors. Lastly, outstanding technological skills have been boosted even further to complete the plants with fully integrated automation.

The Sacmi Group, already a key player in the plastic processing machine sector (with Negri Bossi, BM Biraghi and Sacmi Bi-Power providing large-size machines, Gaiotto supplying automation via the provision of anthropomorphic robots, the Sacmi PET division, which designs and builds PET preform production plants and Sacmi Closures, which makes cap-making compression machines and moulds with a vast application range), has now been strengthened even further thanks to the addition of Sytrama, a company that makes cartesian robots, linear motors and personalised automation solutions mainly for the plastics processing field.

With over 35 years of experience, Sytrama has plenty of noteworthy achievements, such as PET preform production plants, CD plants, IML (in mould labelling) plants and its own company-made line of linear motors.

Negri Bossi, now with a vast wealth of experience spanning 64 years, has once again shown itself to be a company with a taste for innovation, ready for the industrial challenges that characterise today’s markets: its cutting-edge solutions allow Negri Bossi to fly the flag of Italian technology worldwide with pride.