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New bottle shapes for Jelen Pivo

Jelen Pivo is the most important local brand of Apatinska Brewery from Serbia (a member of StarBev Group). CARTILS was asked to develop a new, proprietory, modern bottle shape for the 0.33 and 0.5 L glass bottle. The new bottles had to be innovative, but at the same time fit the traditional personality of the brand. The label design had recently been updated.


The new bottle shape shows a different solution for the on trade bottle than for the off trade bottle. This 0.33L, which functions as the brand’s image carrier, was given a wide neck to enable the use of branding exclusively on the neck. This made it possible to create a sensational embossing on the body of the bottle, which is a double faced Jelen deer icon. The 0.5L bottle required more shelf impact and therefore carries a body label, which has a new, more refined and outstanding die-cut shape. This bottle also has the large deer embossing, which can be found on the rear of the bottle. On both bottles, the shoulder is decorated with a small head of the deer.

The new Jelen brand presentation has been successfully launched on the 14th of March and further underlines the brand’s market leadership