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Old Dan Enjoys New Popularity

The increase in popularity for real ales has beatson-clark

seen Daniel Thwaites  launch its Old Dan beer to be sold throughout supermarkets nationwide. Glass packaging manufacturer Beatson Clark, is pleased to have been chosen as supplier of the distinctive 330ml amber beer bottle with a characteristic crown neck finish.

Thwaites producers of Thwaites Original, Nutty Black and the renowned Lancaster Bomber ale, made popular by cricketing legend Freddie Flintoff, chose Beatson Clark to supply the amber beer bottle because of the company’s ability to convey a traditional shape and style, yet in a smaller bottle.



Lee Williams, marketing manager of Thwaites said: “Unlike most other bottled ales, bottle conditioned ale contains live yeast, which means the beer goes through an additional fermentation stage that continues right up until the bottle is opened.



“The character and flavours of the bottle conditioned beer like Old Dan develops, ages and becomes more complex over time, much like a fine wine or cask beer in a pub’s cellar. Using a good quality bottle is key to this process and as we wanted Old Dan to be in a smaller sized bottle, Beatson Clark was our obvious choice.”



Beatson Clark is the UK’s leading manufacturer of low volume speciality glass containers, as well as having an extensive general sale range, the company is renowned for its expertise in the beer sector.



Beatson Clark marketing manager, Charlotte Taylor said: “The authentic bottle chosen by Daniel Thwaites for their Old Dan beer is a perfect example of our ability to provide a wide variety of shapes and sizes, in both modern and traditional designs, many of which are available from stock.  The quality of the bottle was paramount in its production to ensure the conditioning process continues which allows the flavour to mature naturally. We are delighted to be once again supplying Thwaites, and are looking forward to seeing the new 330ml Old Dan amber bottle on supermarket shelves throughout the UK.”



Lee continued: “Our policy has always been to produce high quality real ales made with the finest ingredients and the increase we have seen in sales is a clear sign that our customers appreciate quality. It is vital the quality of our ales is reflected in the packaging and Beatson Clark understand this, delivering a quality 330ml amber bottle.”