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S.Pellegrino Limited Edition for Cannes Film Festival

S.Pellegrino is the world’s leading sparkling mineral water brand in fine dining and is an exceptional ambassador of Italian style. Since 2010 is S.Pellegrino the Official Partner of the Festival de Cannes, in France. In order to celebrate its second year of presence at the Festival, CARTILS designed the limited edition 2011.


It celebrates iconic moments of the 1960’s Italian cinema. Besides enhancing this connection, the design also expresses a contemporary look and feel, realizes an emotional bond with the consumers and is in line with the brand personality. Most importantly, it is a tribute to the Italian style and way of living.

This design of the Festivals limited edition reflects the quality S.Pellegrino is known for and gives a special edition feel. The iconic design elements are maintained to preserve the brand essence and visual identity. A filmstrip is introduced to create the connection with the Italian cinema and style. The filmstrip was dynamically positioned on the label for a festive feeling. Silver detailing was used to create an even more sophisticated feel and this is also a reference to the early years of the motion picture industry. The limited edition will be launched in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy in May 2011.