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Xeikon renews its presence at Inprinting 2011, Milano - Italy


As a dedicated supporter of Inprinting since 2005, Xeikon is participating for the sixth time to the trade event in Milan (Italy), that runs from May 18 to May 20 at East End Studios, Mecenate. This year - besides the traditional exhibiting space - Inprinting will surprise printing and communication specialists with innovative and tailored initiatives. And Xeikon will be joining in the excitement. As well as exhibiting, the company is a key player in a Direct Marketing production chain highlighting the capabilities of its Xeikon 6000 digital press. The live production line will showcase each step in the completion of a finance product.


"During recent years Xeikon’s business strategy has been to concentrate on specific market segments and offer high level products: high quality transpromo communications as well as label and packaging applications,” says Marco Avanzi, Sales and Operation Manager at Xeikon Italia. “It's within this perspective that we have always chosen Inprinting, because it’s a reference point for technical verification aspects. It is also able to organize events that involve all directly or indirectly interested players. The live Direct Marketing production line we have chosen to be part of with the Xeikon 6000 will enable us to show end customers the print quality of variable data finance communication and how printing easily integrates with other partners in the production chain, automating all processes and thus saving time and resources.”


With a roll-to-roll configuration, Xeikon 6000 will be the throbbing heart of the production chain creating a color multiple paged application. Thanks to the presence of various partners each stage of the production chain can be followed: upstream with creation of communication and postal data processing, downstream with finishing consisting of cutting, folding and envelopes, performed with the appropriate controls, ready for mailing.


The new Xeikon 6000 prints documents at the speed of 160 page A4 per minute, includes the fifth color unit, color management tool and a new version of the X-800 digital front end, offering high speed support. An IPDS (Intelligent Print Data Stream) is also available. The Xeikon 600 also works with the FA toner with modified formulation based on polyester resin and prints on a variety of media from 40 to 350 gsm. In the web configuration it enlarges the format range to media width from 320 to 508 mm and a unlimited imaging length. It features open and flexible architecture which easily interface with fully automated workflows and, addressing specific customer needs, its modules can be installed on separate platforms or on a single system.


About Xeikon

A pioneer in digital printing, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers high-end digital colour printing systems for the industrial, document and commercial printing market segments. These systems are composed of advanced web-fed printing engines using LED-array-based, dry toner electrophotography, open workflow software, exclusive toner and other consumables. Xeikon’s production and R&D operations are based in Belgium and its solutions are distributed and supported through a worldwide sales and service network. Xeikon is a division of Punch Graphix.