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Daco Solutions Scores Double Century

FAST growing label printer Acorn Labels, whose turnover has recently rocketed to £4 million, has re-invested in equipment from long time supplier Daco Solutions with the purchase of a 300m/min (984 ft/min) DTR330 label rewinder.



The sale is a landmark achievement for Daco, being the two hundredth machine sold by the UK based, Yorkshire company, and coincides with the ambitious Acorn Labels’ purchase of a tape manufacturing operation.

“We have now sold six machines to Acorn Labels,” says Daco sales director Mark Laurence,  “including three other DTR300′s, a 330mm wide Combi turret and a D250 rotary die cutter.”



The growth pattern of Daco Solutions is mirrored by many of its customers, including Acorn Labels, and its year-on-year machine sales pattern follows a similar path with a high percentage of sales made to repeat customers.



“When I joined founder David Beynon at Daco we agreed a simple philosophy in the face of extensive competition and a huge diversity of narrow web slitter and inspection rewinders and rotary die cutting machine designs,” Mark Laurence explains. “We believed that we could simplify our equipment, build-in reliability at all costs, keep our prices reasonable and still make a good profit.”



That approach appears to have paid dividends with healthy machine sales in the UK and especially in Europe.



“Our experience shows us that Daco’s back up is the best we have found,” says Acorn Labels spokesman Sam Heneker. “We always get a quick response if we have an emergency – and who doesn’t – and Daco machines are built to last and put in month after month of hard work without letting us down. When you have grown to a £4 million turnover with 30 employees  you need that kind of reliability.”