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Launch of new UV Photon LOLM range in South Africa – June 2011

South Africa has a high-tech graphics industry capable of responding to the needs of both its export and its domestic markets.



The printing of food packaging is already facing the challenge of the new European regulations which require the use of “LOLM” (low odour, low migration) inks.


Lead by Stéphane Atoumo, International Development Director, a BRANCHER team spend 4 days working alongside Mike Lourens and Ian Trethowan of IMVUSA, the distributor of BRANCHER inks in the Eastern Cape province. Their shared goal was to present the new Photon LOLM range to the EH WALTON PACKAGING (Pty) Ltd. printing company, located in Port Elizabeth, with whom a three-way technical development partnership has been formed. EH WALTON’s ambition is to be the first in South Africa to develop expertise in printing food packaging in accordance with the new European regulations.

Thierry Perrot, BRANCHER’s head of UV R&D, was present for industrial trials of the new Photon LOLM. After 48 hours of uninterrupted tests, the inks were found to have excellent stability and colouring power, as well as remarkable drying performance, as tested on various types of cardboard.



Hosted jointly by Magali Richard, BRANCHER’s Director of R&D, and Ian Trethowan of IMVUSA, a technical conference on the topic of inks and the safety of food packaging gave rise to a wave of interest from EH WALTON managers. They took BRANCHER’s advice with a view to becoming the first company in South Africa to conform to the new European regulations on the printing of food packaging.

Following conferences in Uruguay, Russia, Poland and South Africa, the next will be held in Greece in July.