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Meech Highlights Web Cleaning and Static Control at Labelexpo

Meech International will highlight its innovative solutions for web cleaning and static control on stand 6G120 at Labelexpo in Brussels (28th September — 1st October 2011).




Meech’s comprehensive web cleaning portfolio includes both contact and non-contact technologies. Labelexpo will see the debut of an enhanced version of Meech’s successful Tornado contact system. Aimed at label, digital and carton printers, the Tornado is available in two versions — the F4 and F5 — featuring compact extraction or vacuum fan extraction respectively. The F4 is capable of single-sided cleaning of webs up to 1,650 mm wide and double-sided cleaning of webs up to 750 mm wide. The F5 will clean single- and double-sided webs up to 3,900 mm. Both utilise highly-polished stainless steel faceplates, twin ionising bars to neutralise static on entry and exit, and brushes to aid break up of the boundary layer.


“We are delighted to have a new version of the Tornado on stand,” comments Adam Battrick, Business Unit Director, Cleaning Systems at Meech. “We are confident that the enhancements we have made will be advantageous to our customers, and look forward to discussing this with them at the show.”



Meech ShearClean™

The Meech ShearClean™ represents Meech’s non-contact technology. The system is suitable for sectors ranging from narrow web label printing, including litho, gravure and flexo, as well as converting, food packaging and pharmaceutical applications where contact cleaning systems are not feasible due to scratch-prone surfaces such as special coatings or decorative labels on for premium consumer goods. ShearClean™ is also highly effective in applications involving coating.



ShearClean™ incorporates two cotton-covered rollers positioned 0.5 to 1.0mm on either side of the web which spin at high speed - 4,000 RPM and upwards - in the opposite direction to the travel of the web. The air currents generated break up the boundary layer on the surface of the web, allowing ShearClean™’s highly effective vacuum system to remove even extremely small particles that would otherwise be trapped in that layer. ShearClean™ is available in reel-widths up to 2.1 metres and for web speeds in excess of 450 metres/min.



977CM Pulsed DC controller

A pioneer in the industrial application of Pulsed DC for static control, Meech has installed over 4,500 systems in the printing, packaging, converting and plastics industries. This total includes a number of systems for RFID tag production, where the smallest static discharge will cause chip failure and data loss or corruption.


The 977CM Pulsed DC controller — the first true closed-loop Pulsed DC static control system — has proved especially popular due to its combination of precise static control and advanced self-monitoring features. The 977CM continuously monitors output from the ionising bars and automatically adjusts the input voltage to compensate for the adverse effects of contamination. For greater accuracy, an optional sensor bar detects residual voltages on web paths and rewinds and communicates with the 977CM unit to instruct it to tune its output to ensure the best possible charge neutralisation for the current operating conditions. When no further adjustment is possible the contamination will start to reduce performance. Adjustable alarms alert the operator, via local audible and visible warnings and remote alarm signals, to the need to clean the bars.