Mercian Labels Group brings potential 'Smart Label' innovations to market

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Mercian Labels Group has announced a raft of innovative new technologies related to the emerging Smart  Labelling market, following the launch of its Labels Innovations Division.


The UK based group has launched 3 branded smart label products in the past 3 years under the Label Lock® and Gammatex® brands, and is scheduling further launches from its new product development pipeline.





The Group's new website at describes some of the innovations the group is working on including printed electronics labels, high performance nanotechnology coatings that could offer 'self cleaning' properties, UV a+b blocking coatings, thin film labels without substrates, gas indicator labels and high coat weight flexography.


Dr Adrian Steele, Managing Director commented "The group has invested heavily in technology and upskilling our factories in recent years as we expand into a variety of innovative and complex smart labelling markets. Smart labelling offers a lot more than just RFID, and we are focussed on developing new partnerships with customers and technology providers to identify, investigate and hopefully solve increasing complex smart indicator labelling challenges. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in developments in Smart Labelling to get in touch directly with me or through the new Smart & Innovative Labels LinkedIn group on the subject."

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